Cryptocurrency has been the greatest addition to our ever-expanding vocabulary. We all may not be well versed in the definition but we are well aware of its existence. Ten years ago, it all began with Bitcoin, the world’s first-ever decentralized cryptocurrency that changed the financial economy forever.


Even though a lot of people have been extremely lucky but the internet is littered with horror stories about hackers stealing traders’ funds from poorly secured cryptocurrency exchanges, emphasizing the importance of selecting a secure crypto trading platform before placing your investment.

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Consequently, the question arises, Which of the numerous cryptocurrency exchanges is the greatest fit for you?

Numerous aspects will impact your decision: security measures, the convenience of usage, trading costs, and the number of currencies accessible for trade are just a few elements to consider. To keep your hard-earned money safe and secure excessive research into available crypto exchanges is needed. Staking awards (for holding a crypto asset for a specified amount of time), margin trading, crypto trading tools, and other features are available on most crypto exchanges.

The leading exchanges right now are Coinbase, Binance, Robinhood, Kraken, and Gemini. Although they have been dominating the crypto exchange space they are not free of faults. There is still room for improvement and the introduction of highly advanced features. Innovation Factory, a leading finTech company, took the initiative of researching and developing an exchange that will drastically improve the crypto trade experience. They call it XchangeOn.

All You Need to Know About Binance Before Starting Cryptocurrency Trading

Financial Eco System:

Innovation Factory’s XchangeOn platform is a powerful and innovative crypto exchange. It aligns perfectly well with Innovation Factory’s mission of creating a Financial Eco System. A centralized crypto exchange platform for trading crypto and fiat currencies that is both reliable and secure. XchangeOn is completely equipped to suit every potential need of crypto traders, with top-of-the-line features. Instantly deposit, withdraw, exchange, and trade fiat and cryptocurrencies in a secure environment.

Like all other leading crypto exchanges, it offers a P2P marketplace. All transactions are 100% safe and buyers/sellers have full liberty of conversing with each other before finalizing the deal. All payment methods are supported along with an affiliate and referral program. XchangeOn offers Hybrid data storage and is compatible with both iOS and Android.

Crypto Trading Tactics:

One of the unique features of XchangeOn is Arbitrage Trading. Arbitrage trading is a strategy for profiting on price disparities between basically identical assets in multiple markets or types of instruments. XchangeOn offers Arbitrage Trading, which allows customers to profit by trading across many exchanges at the same time on a single platform. Without having to switch apps or exchanges regularly, you can buy from one exchange and sell from another.

Unlike traditional financial markets, where market inefficiencies are significantly more common, the crypto market appears to represent the polar opposite. This is due to the way the cryptocurrency exchange industry operates. Siloed systems are common on these platforms, resulting in uncorrelated pricing. As a result, arbitrage has become one of the most popular crypto trading tactics throughout time. The unique selling point of this feature is that you do not need multiple accounts across all exchanges to take advantage of price fluctuation. You can do all of this from ONE single account on XchangeOn. This makes trading fun, beneficial, and hassle-free in the long run.

All You Need to Know About Binance Before Starting Cryptocurrency Trading

Encryption Module:

When it comes to money of any kind, security is a great concern. XchangeOn has placed a tremendous amount of importance on social security. An encryption module is utilized to keep all funds and transactions secure constantly. The security module automatically stops transactions/fund transfers to external wallets in the event of an account breach. Your fund will be secure on two levels as a result of this.

XchangeOn also offers an impeccable Affiliate Program, invite others to join using your referral link. You can earn remarkable benefits by referring people. For the first 30 days after each referral signup, you collect 100% Trading Fees from your referrals. After 30 days, you will be eligible for a bonus of the Trading Fees obtained through your referrals (as per policy).

Future Trading:

Innovation Factory intends to convert XchangeOn into a DEX Decentralized Exchange soon. This is a huge step forward for XchangeOn, which will have advanced trading features such as NFT Trading, Margin Trading, Copy Trading, and Future Trading. NFT has gained rapid popularity in the past couple of years. Although they’ve been around since 2014, NFTs are gaining in popularity as a more popular means to buy and sell digital art. Since November 2017, a whopping $174 million has been spent on NFTs. XchangeOn supports a variety of assets and blockchains to provide full NFT access and trading.

Market Direction:

XchangeOn offers Margin Trading to help you trade even when your available account balance is insufficient to cover your desired trade. Make the most of XchangeOn’s Margin Trading functionality by trading freely. By using the power of leverage to multiply your profits and applying innovative trading tactics, XchangeOn Future Trading allows you to optimize your results. Use futures to speculate on market direction and reduce risk while holding less cryptocurrency than on a spot exchange.

All You Need to Know About Binance Before Starting Cryptocurrency Trading

You can also make money by following your trading ideals! You can mimic the trades of popular/expert traders with XchangeOn’s Copy Trading tool. Mark those as your favorites and leave the rest to the algorithm. Their trades are all replicated to your portfolio. Even if they don’t have technical trading skills or the time to monitor market swings, everyone can gain from copy trading. XchangeOn is fully equipped to compete with the world’s leading crypto exchanges and emerge victoriously. The thoughtful collection of features incorporated in this exchange are surely going to redefine the crypto trading space.

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