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Since guest blogging is a process of publishing high quality articles on other websites/blogs with high domain authority (DA) for natural link building, the following criteria must be checked properly.

Some important things to check out about a particular website before submitting your content for guest post include:

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Checking out these criteria will determine the right kind of website to submit guest post to either free or paid.
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How to Submit Guest post on MrgreentechBlog?

If you have an article ready for publication, simply email us on the following contact addresses.
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  4. Descriptive images if you’re submitting tutorials or app reviews please give scrscreenshots
  5. Your target keywords should be low competitive and should be well optimized for SEO.
  6. Use headings in your post(H2, H3)
  7. No author Bio at the end of article.
  8. After submitting it takes up to 24 to 48hrs for it to get live.

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