Algebra : The use of mathematics is undoubtedly limitless in day-to-day life. All the financial transactions happening in the world can be counted with the help of mathematics. The cash which people used to buy and sell things are denominations of numbers. So having knowledge about mathematics is very important. In order to sell and purchase something, people must know how much they have to pay or have to receive. All of this can be done very easily with basic knowledge of calculations. People who have studied mathematics can do calculations faster and more accurately.


Algebra is an essential branch of mathematics that is very important from an exam point of view. In algebra, students come across a topic related to a linear function. The linear function basically relates to an equation of one or two variables that can be drawn on a graph. Graphical representation of a linear function can be done very easily. The graphs of linear and nonlinear functions are completely different from one another.

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Use of algebra:

Almost every competitive exam focuses on questions related to algebra. One-third of the questions that come in the exam are from this section. So students must have command on this topic in order to score good marks in maths. Linear equations and quadratic equations are important chapters of algebra. Linear equation refers to equations that are of one variable. The form of both the types of equations is different from each other. Most of the equations can be drawn on the number line with the help of a graph. The slope of the equation and the values of the variables can be found with the help of a graph.

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Definition of a linear function:

An equation or a function that may have a single or two variables can be referred to as an example of a linear function in maths. A linear function does not have any exponents. If an equation consists of an exponent, then it cannot be defined as a linear function. If an equation contains more than two variables, they must be constant in order to be termed as a linear function. Generally, when a linear function is drawn on a graph sheet it forms a linear line. Forming a linear line means that the linear equation always forms a straight line when represented graphically.

There are different degrees of polynomials depending upon the number and degree of variables. A linear function is a type of polynomial function that has a degree of zero or one. They can also be expressed in the form of calculus. The linear function usually has one dependable and an independent variable. The nonlinear function is completely different from the linear one. The function when drawn on the number line does not form a straight line is known as a nonlinear function. The slope of the nonlinear function will be completely different.

There are different formulas to find about the values of the variables and the slope of the graph. With the help of these formulas, the values of a linear function can be easily found out. The chapter related to this topic is considered one of the most important in algebra. A lot of questions come from this section of algebra. So students must focus and learn to find the values of the linear functions. To learn maths students can take help from the Cuemath website. The website provides all the important concepts related to topics of mathematics. Students are taught different ways to approach a mathematical problem. Online classes related to chapters of mathematics are taken daily on this website.

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Cuemath is an online maths learning platform that helps clear the doubts arising in the mind of students related to mathematics. Learning mathematics online is always fun. Students can learn in a better way with a pictorial depiction of questions. They can learn different ways to solve the same question. This way online class helps to build a good concept about maths for students. Everyone can access these online classes and can gain knowledge.

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