Demonoid was one of the safest protocols ever. It is liked by all. Demonoid is again emerging with its new features. However, the alternatives have already taken its place.

All of you must be familiar with “torrent”. In simple terms torrent helps users to download or upload files.

Technically, it is a internet protocol that helps in establishing peer to peer network, by treating each user as a server. Torrents have made daily lives simpler and easier.


Torrent is used mostly to download movies and games. Torrent itself is legal but the copyrighted contents that are uploaded or downloaded there are illegal. Torrents are also restricted because of pornography and their effects if exposed on children.

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Some list for the 8 Best Demonoid Alternative. Check out the list right here.


Starting the list of Demonoid with Seedpeer. This is a small torrent website which is not so popular yet. The user base is loyal and significant. The website is reliable and safe to use as it does not have malware.

The features and interface are best for MAC devices. The torrent is learned to be of high quality. There is no risk of downloading fake torrents too. The content is rich and versatile and even covers some adult themes too.


Again, continuing the list of Demonoid with the best. Limetorrents is not just a popular website, but is efficient. It can serve as one of the best alternatives.

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Obviously, due its popularity it is prioritized by the younger audience than the other websites. The interface of the website is pretty simple. The user can understand the working easily without any difficulty.

The website covers music, games, animations, adventure, and comedy contents too. It widely covers many genres. BitTorrent files are easier to find here. It is one of the safest alternatives.

Although some countries have restricted its access. But the user can always use mirror websites to access it.


RARBG website was established in the year 2008. Many haven’t heard about the name but it’s definitely a useful option to use. The website is generally seen to use BitTorrent protocol.

There are files and magnet links that are available on this site. The torrent files are arranged and collected and gathered. One of the most popular and well-liked contents and TV Shows are available here.

One even has the provision to download episodes of the shows when they are released. But the problem is that it is blocked in certain countries.

However, the users can use VPN to access the website.


This website is not one of the top listed websites. It is lesser known than most other website. It is one of the recent newly launched websites that are rising rapidly in the market.

It is very much relevant. The website is similarly a collection of torrents. It can even search the desired link of the searched contents. There is also a secret policy that protect the website from all online attacks.

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Not only that the website also takes charge and protect by banning fake torrents. Thus, overall, this might be the best option in case you are searching for something like this. It is unique yet simple.


Now if you are a regular torrent user then must be familiar with this website. It is an excellent website that is popular and up-to-date. Actually. Torrentz2 came into form after the downtime of Torrentz website.

The website works as a meta torrent tracker. It is an accumulation of files from various torrent websites and are arranged for presenting them to the user. Due to this most of the regular users uses this website.

It contains almost 61 million torrent files. There is no issue of taking down the site, as it hosts everything on its server. The website also has mirror websites that are with .onion domain.

Hence, it is an efficient website where the user can invest their time.


Isohunt is also a well-liked and popularly used website that can be used as an alternative to Demonoid. The interface is simple and smooth. There is a white search bar at the top of the home page that allows the users to search their desired files.

The website was taken down in 2013. There are various mirror sites online that won’t let the user break its flow. The websites are known to have the exact similar look and features of the actual website.

These websites can also be accessed through VPN. The original website had a good fan following; hence the mirror sites are surviving the market excellently too.

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7. 1337X

This website was established in 2007. It acted as a general-purpose torrent tracker website. The website is one of the top websites and perhaps the best Demonoid alternative. The interface is smooth enough and is getting new features regularly.

This website has a much better appearance than other websites. In terms of contents, it covers contents from all genres. The popular, old and new contents are all in there.

It also has a lot of domains. Thus, due to all of this it is much liked by all and is the third-most-popular torrent website in the entire globe.


Lastly, Zooqle is originally from Russia. It is not a very popular website, but in its own way it serves the purpose brilliantly. It was originally launched in 2018. After that it has grown significantly and steadily.

The interface is modern and much less complicated. It is easy to work with. The most important thing is the torrent files. Zooqle is known to hold 4 million torrent files.

It also adds 2000 new files each and every day. Thus, in terms of contents it can easily rule out the other websites. The two languages that are available for translation is English and France.


After it was taken down, many other websites were taken down as well. Using torrent websites involves legal verification too.

With that verification the users can use the websites freely without any fear. Although the above-mentioned websites are banned in many countries, one can always take help of VPN. Also, all users are advised to have an anti-virus application to avoid risks.

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