VIPLeague is a free service for anyone who wants to watch football, soccer, basketball and many other sports online. Inspired by Vipstand and Vipbox Streaming. A free online platform streaming sports, VIPleague is wildly popular amongst sports fans who prefer to watch their events online. A common occurrence in these free sport streaming websites is the nuisance of a barrage of ads. In order to remove the ads, you usually have to subscribe to some premium feature which usually includes monetary exchange.


Sometimes these issues can be monotonous and interrupt your smooth, free-flowing sport which might cause unnecessary frustration to the watcher. That is why we will now go and provide you with 10 such alternatives to VIPleague where you can find both variations which might have been lacking at VIPleague.


Here, in this article, we have discussed about a list of 8 sites available in 2021 which serves as the best alternative site of VIPleague. So, guys have a look on them and chose the best alternative of your choice.

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Similar to VIPleague, the 12th Player specializes in football. This website covers most of the major football and soccer events. However, it should not discourage other sports lovers from visiting this site as they do stream some other sports. Another great feature of this platform is that they provide both live as well as recorded games for you to stream. Although there are some sporadic pop-up ads, the pros outweigh the cons of this website significantly.

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The next on our VIPleague similar site is Firstrowsports, which is what you are looking for if you happen to stream some game for an entire family. This site minimizes the obscene and vulgar ads thus ensuring a censored experience. It also provides a tab where you can check the live scores and other stats of other ongoing matches.

Firstrowsports has a user-friendly interface with a plethora of great available content. There is also a tab on the top which lets you swap between sports. You can even cast the stream on your TV from a laptop/mobile device and enjoy a family-friendly sports experience.


Stream2Watch is one of the best VIPleague alternatives known to be reliable and dependable. It ensures a safe environment where you can watch your games without any hesitation. It also features pay-per-views and you can order wrestling on demand. The webpage also provides many features for ease of handling. The user can navigate and browse through many contents without any complications. There is a separate section on the website that streams all the live games in action. This site deserves some extra brownie points for the fact that it also streams some movies and entertainment programs.


Wizwig does not compromise on its picture quality and delivers pitch-perfect HD streams. Likely to VIPleague, Wizwig also covers the ten major sports of the world in its streams. The interface is neat and tidy with some extra features. Simple addition of radio commentary and live scores makes Wizwig stand out from the other streaming sites. They also make sure to mention the names of the teams involved, the venue of the game, and other minor details which helps the viewer easily recognize his/her game.

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Massively popular to the online sports streamers, ATDHE provides you links to streams of the games you are looking for. It is not a direct streaming platform in itself but it guides you to better platforms. ATDHE also has a considerably lesser number of ads than its compatriots. This site is absolutely perfect for those sports lovers who are quite confused regarding what to watch. You can simply visit the homepage, choose from the displayed list of contents according to your mood and proceed to whichever game you want to watch according to your mood!


SportP2P has arguably the best interface of all the other platforms mentioned in this list. This is because it offers a ton of filters for you to explore and sort out your program. The filters include – country, popularity etc. Another impressive addition to this is that they let you play and swap with the time zones so that you can keep track of different score lines. The P2P here refers to peer-to-peer technology which is a specific kind of networking used by online streamers. This website is quite fun and intriguing, it’s worth a try.


Quite renowned and popular among the online audience, AceStreams proves to be a very efficient replacement of VIPleague. AceStreams provides impeccable picture quality with its HD streaming. It also happens to support both Android and windows. This is very useful for viewers on the go as well as those who will watch from the comfort of their homes. Both your PC and mobile device can stream their content successfully. Their webpage is quite easy to navigate through and they stream most games of the major sports genres.

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8. SPORTS365

Sports365 offers most of the major streams on their website. The home page is soothing to look at because of its simple and tidy settings. Some random pop-up ads do cause a little inconvenience but that is what you have to tolerate in return for the great high-definition content Sports365 provides. You can also find your content easily by looking under the ‘live’ and ‘recorded’ tabs.


It is quite common that we find ourselves in a position where we cannot watch our favorite team/player in action because of the lack of a television set nearby. That is why online sport streaming platforms have become a necessity for most sports lovers. We have thus provided you with an arsenal of 10 such awesome sites where you can stream your favorite game without any problem. We suggest that you try all the ten websites and choose 3 of them according to your preferences.

However, it is important for you to invest in a good antivirus and a proper VPN (Virtual Private Network) on the device on which you plan to stream your content. Some of the non-premium websites are known to install malware on your device hence it is important that your antivirus is up and running.

A VPN should also be turned on when you are streaming your sports as it will help you hide your IP address. With our tips and tricks, you are now ready to stream the content yourself. Go ahead and make the most of it!

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