This post will give you a continuously updated list of the best free movie and TV shows apps. Android applications come in all shapes and sizes and can be downloaded on firestick and almost any streaming device. Often these apps are used to stream movies, TV shows, live TV and much more.Many of the free movie apps in the list below are available for installation on a jailbroken Firestick or other desired device. These are the best apps for streaming movies and TV shows and they are constantly updated for your enjoyment.
Best APKs For Free Movies & TV Shows With No Buffering

Best Free Movie Apps for Android

1. BIGSTAR movies

BIGSTAR Movies is a free app on Android and iOS where you can watch movies and TV shows. It delivers films in multiple genres, such as Action, Horror, Sci-Fi, War-based, Funny and Fighting, etc. Everyone can discover and watch national and international films through this elegant platform.

It puts all national and international films and TV programs at your fingertips. BIGSTAR Movies – FREE movies and TV shows allow movie buffs to watch new movies, foreign movies, Indian movies, documentaries and much more.


VUDU is a gigantic internet-based entertainment provider with an excellent collection of movies and TV shows that are recognized as the best and highest rated worldwide. The best thing about the VUDU app is that it is only the provider of full length movies and programs.

For those movie viewers looking for the source of full movies and TV shows, here is the VUDU app that ensures you watch movies uninterrupted during your attachment with VUDU. VUDU is an online platform for high quality and top rated things to have fun whenever you want.

3. Lifespan

Lifetime is an amazingly loved entertainment app developed in the market by A&E Television Network Mobile. The app allows you to watch hours of full episodes of Project Runway, Dance Moms and Little Women and a host of other shows. All your favorite stuff is available anytime, anywhere, right on your devices.

It contains a huge amount of movies, dramas, TV series, events and more. The Lifetime app content consists of multiple categories such as new release, episodes, TV shows and upcoming and you can select the categories you want accordingly.


4. ShowBox

ShowBox is a free online movie and TV streaming app available for use on Android devices. It is considered as the only application on Android that allows users to watch movies in HD for free. The beauty of this is that it has one of the largest collections of movies and dramas divided into multiple categories such as new release, upcoming, most watched, top of the list and many more.

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The stuff in the Show Box app consists of multiple genres, such as action, drama, romance, adventure, sci-fi, horror, funny and military, etc. ShowBox app is not available in Google Play Store, so user has to sideload the device. It requires registration to get things it needs. After installation, you can post your email address with instructions to enjoy ultimate streaming.

5. IMDb Movies & TV

IMDb is filled with a library of updated content for your viewing pleasure. IMDb Movies & TV app is the world’s best and authoritative source for celebrity movies, TV series and content, where you can watch the latest trailers, buy tickets, explore popular movies and watch thousands of free online movies. It is one of the largest entertainment apps in the world that allows users to watch events, TV shows and news directly on their mobile phones and tablets.

In this app you can also create your own lists, rate movies and TV shows you see here. It has over 4 million movies, entertainment programs, shows and is also regularly updated with the latest content to deliver more and new things.

6. Netflix

Netflix is ​​an online entertainment platform to watch top movies and television shows from all over the world. It’s a web-based entertainment service that comes with the dramas, action films, humor films, documentaries, TV series and a host of other fun stuff.

The best thing about Netflix is ​​the fact that there is no commercial and advertising schedule; the visitor can anticipate the smooth running of any television program. Netflix has three payment options, which were standard, standard and premium. Viewers also get thirty days for free; this is intended for a limited period of time.

Crackle is an online platform for web-based shows, movies and TV shows straight from your mobile phones and tablets. Crackle is one of the leading platforms for delivering Hollywood movies with always raw and unadulterated.
You can enjoy full movies and TV shows without further interruption and most of the things available here are free. In addition to quality stuff and the availability of long films, the ease of use of this platform makes the Crackle app the best of all.

8. Flixster

Flixster is a community-based entertainment web portal where you can discover brand new things to have fun. The app allows you to search movies for free, browse the feedback and watch TV shows. It’s just a residential area for the entertainment enthusiasts, where they can present their comments on any TV show or movie.

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In addition to watching the trailers of new movies, it also provides launch date information. Flixster offers a web-based ticket buying system to enjoy it whenever you want.


9. BoxTV

BoxTV is an online resource to get your most likely and the top rated Bollywood movies and TV shows straight to your mobile devices. It is a platform to get the full episodes of your favorite TV shows and shows in addition to watching full movies easily.

It also covers Hollywood movies, but most of the cool things available here are Hindi, Tamil, Bengali, Marathi, Oriya, Kannada, Punjabi and many more. You will always find the blockbuster movies and movies that do well about the Box Office here.


10. MovieTube

MovieTube is a very popular App For Free Movies & TV Shows that has been around for quite some time. MovieTube is an elegantly designed entertainment platform that allows you to instantly watch the latest movies, TV shows, dramas and episodes on your phone. MovieTube is a free mobile application that allows you to view all trending content in multiple countries including Asia, China, Euro, Hong Kong, India, the United States and Thailand, etc.

It contains thousands of movies that have multiple categories such as Action, Adventure, Animation, Drama, Comedy, Crime and Sci-Fi. MovieTube also offers an advanced search bar where you can find your favorite things by keywords, categories or country.


11. Iflix

Iflix is ​​an elegantly designed platform in the world of online on-demand video platforms that allows its global users to access the desired content with simple clicks. It covers the entertaining services of movies, TV shows, full seasons and several other thousands of hours of engaging programs.

Iflix is ​​one of those video on demand platforms whose online services can be accessed from almost all those digital devices and operating systems that support the internet connection. The Iflix app allows viewers to enjoy Iflix’s online and offline streaming services from its official website, smartphone, PC / laptop, smart TV and tablet.

12. SnagFilms

Another new free movie app for Android, SnagFilms is a massively used entertainment service for users looking for a video on demand platform to enjoy the seamless video streaming services. With the Snag Films app, you will find the best entertaining stuff at your fingertips.

SnagFilms is a giant platform of thousands of movies and TV shows shared by independent filmmakers. The app also allows all filmmakers to share their desired content with the others. You will always discover full movies here and even the TV shows that it adds to its movie database monthly.


13. AmazonVideo

AmazonVideo is a web-based platform for the on-demand video services available through mobile phones and tablets. With the app, you can find plenty of entertainment stuff that are common all over the world. Amazon Video differs a bit from similar on-demand platforms in that the online streaming service is a bit limited. However, this mainly concerns the purchase and rental of films and TV programs.

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The best thing about the AmazonVideo app is that it mainly deals with free videos and movies. The app allows you to enjoy top-level movies and TV seasons available at fixed prices. In terms of coverage, AmazonVideo isn’t quite as efficient compared to some top-rated platforms, but it manages things in a sophisticated way.



HBO NOW is a massively used active and online platform where you can watch tons of TV series, movies and shows. It is one of the leading apps of the Hollywood movies that always comes full length. HBO NOW: Stream TV & Movies lets you watch major premieres and every episode of HBO’s addictive series, including The Deuce, Game of Thrones, and many more.

In addition to getting new content every week, you can also get old movies, talk shows, comedy specials, news, documentaries, and hundreds of special events that everyone is talking about. Just download the HBO NOW app, sign up with a real account for your 1 month free trial and view your favorite screen on your mobile phones or tablets.


15. Popcornflix

The Popcornflix app delivers the full length free movies that can be streamed from Popcornflix official website and even from the smartphones. It is the platform of free full length movies and movies that allows visitors to easily discover the brand new movies and get the chance to watch theatrically released and independent movies.

Visitors can search for the new things in a wide range of family and children’s films, drama-based films and documentaries, horror, Spanish-language films and much more. The website interface is very user-friendly, so you can get what you are looking for without any hassle.

16. Cartoon HD

Last but not the least on our list of best free movie and TV shows apps is another giant free movie streaming app called “Cartoon HD”. Cartoon HD is an elegantly designed app made for people who like to explore TV shows, movies and other things for entertainment. It allows you to enjoy your favorite things on mobile devices and tablets. One of the most notable features of this app is that it offers a video storage option that allows you to save your videos for later viewing.

It is a completely free app and only accessible on the Android platform. You just need to download and install the Cartoon HD application, sign up with the correct email ID and steam your favorite content. It has a huge amount of things and is also updated weekly with new content to deliver the latest content.


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