We suggest a tourist visa (visitor visa) for this reason so that you may experience Canada’s splendour before making a choice. The Canada Tourist Visa (Visitor Visa) is available to applicants who wish to go to Canada temporarily, either to do so as a tourist or to see family and friends who may already be residing there.


If you are planning to immigrate to Canada, we suggest you visit the country first and explore the atmosphere.

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Moreover, there are two types of Visitor Visas, including single-entry visas and multiple-entry visas.

Visitor visas for single-entry use are issued for a duration of up to 6 months; on the other hand, visas for multiple-entry use remain valid up to 10 years or one month before the expiry date on passport or re-entry visa (whichever is closer).

A multiple-entry visa is only required when you travel in and out of Canada. For example, you land in Canada and want to travel to some other country, and when you return to Canada to fly back to your home country.

Top Attractions in Canada

Being the world’s second-largest country, Canada is full of breath-taking natural wonders and cosmopolitan cities to explore. The country is a mixture of people from different cultures and ethnicities, offering numerous opportunities for travellers to explore diversity.

Moreover, the country demonstrates a rich history that combined colonial and indigenous traditions to make a multi-cultural immigrant society.

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For nature-admirers, the country allows an experience to discover the world’s highest tides at the Bay of Fundy in the east and wildlife inhabiting the rare rainforests on the west coast. This country offers a combination of travelling opportunities, which works for nature-lovers and city-slickers.

Located in the heart of the country, the sublime Niagara Falls settles, offering amazing views of cliffs, and boating is always fun there. Travellers cannot miss on visiting any one of the international cities of the country, including Toronto, Montreal, or Vancouver, which host many events.

Visitors who want to discover the rich wilds of the country may want to visit the Maritime provinces located in eastern Canada, including the astounding Gros Morne National Park.

The northern part of the country allows extraordinary opportunities for wildlife spotting, including caribou and polar bear, and heading up into the Arctic Circle to experience Aurora Borealis (northern lights) during falls always turns out to be a beauty.

There are more things-to-do in the list while visiting Canada on a tourist visa, or if you are already in love with this welcoming country, start planning your immigration.

Requirements to apply for a Tourist Visa

All the visitors, irrespective of country of origin, must have a valid passport (or whole birth certificate in case of children) to enter Canada. Moreover, the passport must have an open page for passport and immigration control officers to stamp as visitors enter the Canadian borders or move across the airport control points.

Tourist Visa

Many countries are not required to apply for a Canadian visitor visa, but those who are not exempt are required to appear in-person at the Canadian embassy in their residential country.

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In the embassy, a biometric screening is performed by a consultant; moreover, all the travel documents that are to be collected and presented are checked for approval (usually, the wait time is about 4-6 weeks depending upon your nationality and where you are applying from).

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Spousal and Family Sponsorship

Canada is one of the most popular and best immigration destinations for families. Your children are going to love Canada, as there are numerous places in the capital cities for their enjoyment, including zoos, amusement parks, aquariums, and even rodeos.

During falls, you can involve yourself in some child’s fun activities such as tobogganing ride down a hill or ice-skating outdoors.

There are many options for educational activities as well, such as the Ontario Science Center and Fort York. Furthermore, Gros Morne National Park and Nahanni National Park Reserve offer amazing opportunities to enjoy camping adventures, wildlife-spotting, and train rides.

Canada offers multiple categories of fun activities, as stated above, and many more. No matter which activities you pick, you and your family will enjoy the trip.

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Moreover, you will experience diversity and multiculturalism due to a large number of immigrants in the country.

Canada, which has an ageing population, is particularly open to children and youngsters who can contribute to the nation’s economic growth and make use of its top-notch educational resources.

Do you require a tourist visa for Canada in order to visit? You may get all the help you want for a visa application with Make Home Canada. Once you submit the form, one of our immigration specialists will contact you to provide advice on how to apply for a tourist visa to Canada.

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