Uber: Have you completed your requirements and taken enough rides to collect your Uber login bonus? Congratulations! But now that that’s over, you’re probably wondering if there are other ways to boost your profits and make some extra cash.

Hourly rates for Uber can be quite low, especially for UberX drivers. Therefore, it’s important to take every opportunity you can to earn extra money when Uber offers it.


If you want to put more money in your pocket, keep reading our 7 tips on how you can increase your earnings as a driver.

1. Schedule drive times around peak pricing

When there are a large number of requests for rides in a certain area and there are not enough drivers to support the high demand, price increases are triggered. It is the way to get more drivers to circulate in that area.

During the Surge or rush hour, Uber assigns a multiplier to the price of the trip. It can be 2x, 4x, 5x, etc., meaning passengers will pay more and drivers will earn more during Surge rides. We’ve seen Surge multipliers in double digits over the holidays!

Overcharges can happen at any time, and if you drive during a surge you will definitely earn more money. But if you want to get the most out of Surge pricing, you need to know where the Surge is.
There is no guarantee of a customer surge, but there are some key times when surges are much more likely to occur.

On Friday and Saturday nights (especially late at night when the bars close) you’re sure to find plenty of drunk people looking for a ride home.

If you’re driving in a densely populated city center with lots of bars or clubs, there’s a good chance you’ll see a Surge late at night.

Peak hours are also more likely to occur during the morning and afternoon hours. From 6 to 9 a.m. M. And from 5 to 7 p.m., Everyone wants to go to work or get home. Drive during those hours and you just might be able to catch a Surge.

The price increase also tends to occur at major events, such as sporting events and gigs. Know what events are happening in your city and be located in that area before the event ends. If you’re lucky, you’ll be one of the first drivers to catch the Surge and you might be able to get multiple rides on the Surge multiplier.

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Full-time rideshare drivers are better off planning their weekly schedules around these popular Surge times. Drive when there are a lot of people. Rest when slow.

Let your downtime be from the closing of the bars until the morning rush begins, then again between the morning and afternoon rush. The point is to drive as much as possible during the Surge.

2. Refer friends

Uber is always looking for new drivers, so if you can get a few friends to sign up to drive, you can earn a referral bonus.

Drivers get a referral code – you can share that code with potential new drivers and earn some extra money.

The new driver will enter their referral code when they sign up. They will have to complete a certain number of trips (usually something like 30 trips in 30 days). When the specified number of rides are completed, both the new driver and the referring driver earn a bonus.

Anytime you talk to friends who think they might want to drive for Uber, let them know you have a referral code. It is mutually beneficial and a great way for both people to earn some extra money.
In most cases, if a friend was planning to sign up anyway, they’ll gladly use your code.

If you really want to get the most out of your referral code, you can print it on business cards. Leave the cards in your car for passengers to have access. They might pick one up if they’re thinking about driving for Uber themselves or have a friend who’s interested.

You can also include your referral code on your social media accounts. That way, it’s available for all to see. Just make sure you don’t pay to boost the post, that’s against Uber’s rules and terms.

3. Tracking and reducing expenses

Drivers are independent contractors, not actual employees of the company. And that means you’re responsible for tracking and reporting all your expenses at tax time, just like any other small business.


When it comes time to pay taxes, you’ll want to take as many deductions as possible to reduce your tax burden. The way to do this is to track spending throughout the year.

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As an independent contractor, you must pay income taxes quarterly, not just annually in April (for the United States). And to know how much you owe, you need to know how much it costs to run your business.

Typical expenses include gas, vehicle maintenance, insurance, and mileage (for 2018, the standard mileage deduction is 54.5 cents per mile). Expenses can also include passenger snacks, bottled water, and anything else you provide for your passengers.

To make your life easier, consider using an app like SherpaShare to help you keep track of your spending. It makes it much easier to identify expenses that can reduce your taxable income. The less your taxable income, the less you will owe the IRS.

4. Drive for Lyft at the same time

To earn the most money possible, you need to keep yourself busy; The best way to do this is to diversify your income. Don’t trust Uber just to put money in your pocket. Instead, also sign up for Lyft. Many people drive for both rideshare services at the same time due to increased travel opportunities.

When you’re driving for Uber and there aren’t any ride requests, you can sign in to the Lyft app and see if there are any Lyft ride requests nearby. You only make money when you have a passenger in the car. By using both apps at the same time, you have a better chance of keeping your back seat full.

If you’re an existing Uber driver signing up with Lyft and taking Lyft rides for the first time, don’t forget to take advantage of the Lyft driver bonus. Similar to Uber, you can enjoy a sign-up bonus and other benefits as a new Lyft driver.

5. Go further

If you can put some tips in your pocket, you can seriously increase your profits, and the way to earn tips is to go above and beyond for each and every customer. This is also the best way to get five star ratings.

Have snacks and water available in your car at all times. Offering your passengers something as simple as a bottle of water is a great way to win them over and a great way to earn a tip.

Buying snacks and water on your own will cost you (this would be considered a business expense). But if you use a service like Cargo, you can get free gifts. Cargo will send you free snacks and offer your customers free and paid items during their trip.

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Have phone chargers ready. Passengers with low battery will definitely appreciate it. By keeping chargers for Apple and Android phones on hand, your customers are much more likely to tip you.
Make sure your car is clean.

No one wants to ride in a dirty car or a vehicle that smells like musty smoke. Keep your car smoke free. Use an air freshener that has a fresh, clean smell. DO NOT spray heavy cologne or overdo the Febreeze.

If you are having trouble locating a passenger, please contact them. When you can’t find your passenger, call or text them to determine their location. Just make sure you use a hands-free device so you don’t get pulled over by a cop for texting and driving.

It goes without saying, but if you want to earn a tip, you better be friendly. Be polite. Engage in a conversation but know your limits. Some passengers like to talk. Others don’t.

In some cases, you’ll want to chat during the ride, other times it’s better to stay quiet until the drop-off point.

6. Check weekly promotions

Sign-up bonuses aren’t the only way to earn money with Uber. They often have weekly bonuses for drivers who meet a certain set of criteria.

Uber Quest is the company’s way of gamifying your driving experience. A typical mission requires you to complete X number of rides in X amount of time. Finish the required number of rides in the given time frame and you can enjoy a nice bonus.

This is just one more way that Uber incentivizes drivers to try harder and take more trips in a given city or at a given time of day.

Another popular promotion is the Uber Boost. It’s different from the Surge, but similar in concept. If you work during peak hours in prominent areas, you can earn a boost that is 2 times or more than the typical rate. The increased price replaces the increased price, so if the increase is higher, you will get the increased fee.

It can be hard to take advantage of Uber Quest and Uber Boost for part-time drivers, but if you really need the extra income, it’s worth it.

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