A content creator is responsible for the idealization and creation of content that connects a brand or entity with its potential audience.

Content Creators

Content creation encompasses writing, design, production, and other means that deliver value and connect you with your target audience. Matching search intent and providing value (for the consumer and the brand) is the foundation of successful content creation.

What does a content creator do?

Content creators produce work on a variety of platforms including social media, blogs, podcasts, video platforms, case studies, white papers, infographics, and more. This, of course, only scratches the surface of what content creators do. Depending on where you work and where your audience is located, your responsibilities will vary widely.

Some of these tasks could include:

Brand Analysis – Evaluating a brand from top to bottom, including its tone and voice, design style, strengths, weaknesses, competitor strategies, and potential content strategies with the highest value based on content ROI calculation.

Content Ideation – You may be asked to flex your creative muscles by brainstorming relevant and engaging content that will deliver results.

Project Management – ​​Many digital content producers are also tasked with managing the projects they are helping to create, a skill set that will serve you well in many different scenarios.

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Writing and Research – Writing covers a wide range of content types, from engaging social media captions, to long-form blog posts, to synthesizing year-long studies into a digestible case study.

7 Skills and Habits of Successful Content Creators

Having a natural inclination for what makes content engaging and being creative are important parts of becoming a great content creator, but what really makes someone stand out in this field is practicing good habits and putting in hours to improve. You don’t need to start out as the most amazing writer (although that’s a bonus), you can and will improve your skills if you put in the effort. Below is a list of different best practices and tips that make content creators successful.

1. Know your industry inside out

Set yourself up for success by learning the ins and outs of a particular subject or field. Make it a priority to learn about the past, present, and future of your industry. This is especially important if you’re starting to create content for a field you’re not as familiar with. But you should also research fields that you are already familiar with.

Learn about the basics and past trends, as well as the current state of the industry. Content should be forward-thinking, finding emerging keyword trends using tools like Google Trends and industry news to stay ahead and keep content relevant.

2. Prioritize user intent

Google’s algorithm updates highlight the importance of creating a great user experience. While a better user experience includes details like alt text for accessibility and mobile optimizations, it also encompasses the structure and digestibility of your asset.

When sketching or generating ideas for an asset, the end user should always come first. Think about what information they’re looking for and how to best meet the intent behind their search through content order, layout, and formatting. You shouldn’t have to choose between SEO and user experience, they go hand in hand.

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3. Look for ideas in common and unusual places

Brainstorming can be the most fun and sometimes the most challenging part of the content creation process. A common brainstorming practice is to find inspiration in related content and competitor strategies. Going with tried and true methods is a safe and effective way to drive results, but don’t rest on your laurels – the best content creators always strive to be better.

A content creator who thinks outside the box is always looking for clever ways to convey information. Whether you’re creating content in a “boring” industry or one that’s traditionally more exciting, you can find inspiration in unexpected places. Rotating the format of an asset from a completely different field is a great way to stand out and create compelling content.

4. Be extremely organized

A great organization will consistently impress clients and colleagues and improve their confidence in managing your project and your ability to meet deadlines. Try different tactics and see what works best for you. If you’re hoping to successfully manage content production or juggle many freelance jobs at once, organization is key.

5. Over communicate and then communicate some more

Communication is vital in a successful business partnership. Get in the habit of over-communicating, communicating clearly, and backing up recommendations with evidence backed by data. Keep your colleagues and clients informed about timelines, performance expectations, projected ROI, and other pertinent information to set reasonable expectations from the start. If any of these items are going to change, please communicate those changes as soon as possible.

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6. Analyze the results and learn from them

Before engaging in any project, there must be an agreement on what success would look like for a particular project or client. Once a project has gone live, it’s time to start tracking its actual performance against expected results.

Content success is measured by many things, including increased website traffic, your conversion rate, traffic value, the number of links you generate, and more.

What good is an amazing analysis if you learn nothing from it? Great content creators distinguish what works, what doesn’t, why it worked or didn’t work, and how to make improvements in the future. These points should be communicated with your team and client, it demonstrates care and conscientiousness.

7. Act like someone you’d love to work with.

Finally, the cardinal rule: treat others as you would like to be treated. If you’re a talented creator but a drag to work with, you shouldn’t expect to get far in such a collaborative industry. Reputations travel fast and stay with you longer than you think. It is crucial to do your best and represent yourself, the client’s brand and your agency with grace.

Be a driving force of positivity, and when you issue criticism, do so constructively. There is little room for big egos – stay humble because you never know who you might learn from next. Help create a healthy work environment, reassure colleagues when they’re down, and cheer them on for their successes.

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