Resignation letter: It is common within companies that their workers get new job offers, that they are at the forefront of different problems or that simply, due to personal reasons, they have to resign their positions. In these cases, you must present a voluntary resignation letter to formally comply with your departure from the company. Resignation letter

Resignation letter

Resignation letter Key points

Voluntary resignation letters are a mandatory requirement that must be met by workers who wish to leave their positions. If they fail to do so, they will be considered to have abandoned their roles within the organization. Resignation letter

The main objective of the resignation letter is to formalize the departure of the worker and stipulate his notice period through which the exact date of departure from his job can be calculated.
The resignation letter should be formally written and presented neatly and concisely. Resignation letter

It is not necessary for the worker to disclose the reason for resignation in his formal letter. However, it is valuable to know this reason so that the company can learn about this departure and take it as an opportunity to improve its talent retention processes.

What is a resignation letter?

A letter of resignation is a document through which a worker officially communicates to his employer that he is voluntarily leaving his position. Resignation letter

Its main objective is to formally register the voluntary resignation of the employee and provide the details of the same, such as the date of entry and exit of the worker, the position he performs, the organization he leaves, among others.

In general, workers usually communicate this decision to their employers in advance. However, they must send a voluntary resignation letter to formalize the act and comply with the requirements of labor laws.

In the resignation letter, the worker does not have the obligation to explain the reasons for his resignation from the job he holds. Neither can he be forced to present the letter, this must be the reason for his will and, therefore, a personal decision of each employee.

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Elements that a voluntary resignation letter must have

Resignation letters present a certain structure with key elements that we summarize below. Resignation letter

Format and personal data

The usual format rules are Times New Roman font, twelve point size and justified text. In addition, its length is three or four paragraphs that must be written in a formal tone. Resignation letter

The conjugation of verbs in the first person is usually used and the worker is recommended to pay special attention to the spelling to present an impeccable voluntary resignation letter.

Company details are specified in the top section of the resignation letter. They are written from left to right and are placed below the worker’s data and the date.

The personal data of the worker must also be added, that is, his name, his surname, email, mobile and the date and place in which the writing is made. Resignation letter

opening greeting

The opening salutation must include the details of the person to whom the letter is addressed. It could be the company’s Human Resources manager, if you knew him, or the department in general.

Write the name of the person in charge of Human Resources, their last names and the postal address of the company. If the specific name of the person in charge is not known, it will be “the person in charge of the department”.

First section

In the first lines of the resignation letter, the worker’s decision to leave the position in the company is disclosed. As we have mentioned before, it is not necessary to communicate the reasons for the decision; some workers choose to do so but it is not required. Resignation letter

The first paragraph indicates the exact date of departure from the company by the employee. This data will be the most important in this section. In accordance with article 49.1 of the General Statute of Workers, the intention to leave the company must be communicated in advance.

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That is why, in general, the departure date is usually fifteen calendar days before the delivery of the resignation letter, although the collective agreement may establish something different.

Second section

Although it is not mandatory to add a new paragraph to the voluntary resignation letter, it is recommended that workers thank the company and their coworkers for their support during the time they have worked there. Resignation letter

In addition, the employee can add that they will make themselves available to the Human Resources Department and/or the company to facilitate any document, procedure or even collaborate in the training of a new employee who will replace them in the future, during the remaining days. in which you will work in the company. This is all part of the offboarding process.

End section

In the last section, the formal greeting is concise and brief. The worker will then need to sign the letter by hand and add their full name. Resignation letter

In addition, in accordance with the Workers’ Statute, the employee must deliver two copies in writing: one to the company’s Human Resources Department and another that will remain with the worker for his/her reference. The person in charge of receiving the copy must sign both documents. Resignation letter

What should not be done in these cases

Both the worker and the company must take into account the following important points when managing resignation letters:

The worker must inform with the necessary advance to be able to comply with the legislation. In other words, you must send the advance notice of resignation in accordance with the collective agreements to which the organization has adhered. They are usually fifteen calendar days, although in trial periods advance notice is not necessary.

An employment contract should never be terminated only verbally: a resignation letter should always be available that attests in writing that the employee leaves the company along with his personal information and hand-written signature.

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The person in charge of receiving the letter, that is, the employee of the relevant Human Resources Department, must sign both the document that the worker keeps and the one that the company receives for them to be valid. Resignation letter

What should the company do before a resignation letter?

When a company receives a letter of resignation from a worker, regardless of the type of contract in force for that position, it must take into account the days of notice and calculate the date of departure of the worker. They are usually fifteen calendar days, but may vary according to the collective agreements in which the organization is located.

Then, the company must calculate the settlement. This is a worker’s right that includes the complementary sums of overtime hours not previously paid, vacation days not taken, as well as the salary for the month corresponding to the worker’s departure.

The settlement does not include benefits such as compensation, benefits or unemployment aid, since the decision to end the employment relationship was made unilaterally by the worker. Resignation letter

Lastly, if the worker decides to retract his decision to resign, he has every right to do so, unless the company has found another person to replace his role. In this case, the organization may deny the worker’s right to reinstate his position and retract his resignation letter.

It is suggested that the company inquire into the reason why the employee has decided to leave his position and take his response as an opportunity to improve. For this, an exit interview can be carried out. The company can try to get the person to retract the resignation decision and stay in their role, if they wish.

However, if the employee decides to continue with his decision to resign, the company must communicate the departure of the worker to the rest of the work team, which may be an opportune moment to determine deficiencies within the organization’s Human Resources management and listen to concerns of other workers.

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