entrepreneur: Among the life ideals that many people draw for themselves, entrepreneurship is part of many of them, especially in the era of digital transformation. But what is being an entrepreneur?


There are many people who understand entrepreneurship as a sign of comfort and financial stability. Others imagine that it is a sensation of achieving what seems impossible.

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Whatever the point of view, one thing must be clear: starting a business is not easy. But the benefits explain why so many people strive to achieve this goal.

In this post, we will help you see what an entrepreneur is, what skills are needed to do this, and what types of entrepreneurs exist. Follow us!

After all, what is being an entrepreneur?

To begin our analysis with some historical basis, let’s look at the point of view of the Austrian economist Joseph A. Schumpeter.

In his book “Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy”, published in 1942, Schumpeter affirms that the entrepreneur is a visionary who sees beyond common sense and realizes this vision.

The fact of putting the vision into practice is essential to differentiate the entrepreneur from the dreamer. After all, how many good ideas have you seen? Or better yet, how many great ideas have you had?

Without execution, an idea is just a random thought. Entrepreneurship implies the generation of value, which only occurs with concrete actions.

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In most cases, the visions of entrepreneurs are to solve the main problems that affect many people. As a result, it is possible to gain a lot of recognition, money, and power as an entrepreneur.

But the main goal is to accomplish a goal, whether it’s solving a problem or a way to make life easier for others.

What kind of entrepreneurs make up the market?

Entrepreneurship is a unique thing, but there are many directions an entrepreneur can take to realize their business visions.

Now take a look at some of the most popular types of entrepreneurs on the market!

1. Social Entrepreneur

He is the type who has a social purpose behind his project or company. It can be a product that makes the world a more sustainable place, corrects an injustice that the public system cannot solve, or makes the population aware of an imminent collective risk.

Social Entrepreneur

2. Digital entrepreneur

The digital entrepreneur builds his business 100% online. This type of business has only become possible with the appearance of this market and the advances made by digital transformation.

Blogs, companies that sell infoproducts and Internet services are some examples of digital projects that you will find on the web.

This type of entrepreneur needs to master digital marketing techniques like no one else, since this is the natural environment of their company.

3. Solo entrepreneur

The individual entrepreneur is a relatively new form of company that was created in Latin America to combat informal work.

Thanks to this model, independent professionals, merchants and providers of all kinds of services can legally establish a company and expand their business visions.

4. Associate worker

Some organizations house many professionals who work in a sort of association, not exactly as employees.

The professional joins the cooperative and produces for it. You do not run an operation alone, but you are responsible for the work you do. This is the role of the cooperative entrepreneur.

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5. Franchisor (and franchisee)

Many entrepreneurs have such a strong vision of expansion and scalability that they resolve to speed up the process through franchising.

That is, they open up the opportunity for other entrepreneurs to run new units of their business and pay a fee for it. This entrepreneur is called a franchisor.

Already the entrepreneur who deals with a new business unit is the franchisee. In exchange for fees and administration, you receive full support from the franchisor to run the business in your region.

6. Entrepreneur

Have you heard of entrepreneurship? It is the feeling of entrepreneurship, even when the person does not run their own company. That’s right, you can start as someone’s employee!

The point is: Many modern organizations have realized that empowering and empowering employees creates a sense of ownership.

This brings superior results to the business, in addition to leaving the professional more satisfied.

What are the differences between entrepreneurs and businessmen?

Have you ever thought that entrepreneurs and businessmen are the same? If your answer was yes, you can be sure that you are not the only one who thinks so.

In many cases, this association is real, but the fact is that an entrepreneur is not always an entrepreneur, and vice versa. Now we are going to show 3 basic differences between the two activities!

1. Main focus

The main objective of the entrepreneur is to keep the business healthy, that is, to earn enough money and keep costs in order. Nothing wrong with that.

The entrepreneur also has this concern, but his main focus is to realize the vision he has for the business.

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This requires the ability to innovate, guide people and lead them to realize that vision to the best of their ability.

2. Attitude towards work

The entrepreneur does not always have a positive attitude towards the mission of the company. As long as the financial results are correct at the end of the month, there are many entrepreneurs who do not care about:

  • quality of relationships in the work environment;
  • employee morale;
  • talent retention and development.

The entrepreneur, on the other hand, knows that good results are not maintained without the commitment of employees and a positive attitude towards the work to be done.

You take the long term and are willing to sacrifice immediate gains for the good of the company.

3. Business vision

The vision of the entrepreneur is sometimes limited to what is done at the moment and how much financial value it generates at the end of the month.

The entrepreneur understands that customer satisfaction, brand positioning and the quality of the product itself are just as important as monthly income.

Therefore, he works with an eagle vision of the company and does not miss the opportunity to explore new horizons when the opportunity arises.

Why is it worth being an entrepreneur?

There are at least 3 advantages to undertake in your life, both personal and professional. They are:
Personal satisfaction

The pleasure of creating something from scratch and helping others to do it gives a sense of purpose and personal satisfaction.

professional return

A successful entrepreneur achieves a good financial return and, with this, experiences new experiences to which he would not have access.

Constant Learning

The life of an entrepreneur is an endless class, both personal and professional, to face the challenges of everyday life.

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