Alluring Good Night Messages: You may make your good night messages for your partner adorable, romantic, or hilarious… but the most important thing is to make them unforgettable! Alluring Good Night Messages Let’s make yours one of a kind! Sending a romantic good night text message to your partner right before bedtime is a fantastic approach to express your love and make this person smile.

Alluring Good Night Messages

It’s even better than handing someone a card when you send a text like this. A romantic text message from your significant other is a present you should treasure. Alluring Good Night Messages sending your love at night is ideal, so text your significant other when the timing is right.

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Use the text messages below to help you come up with your own, or let them assist you in coming up with your own. Bring joy to your partner.

Alluring Good Night Messages for Someone you Truly Love

I hope we shall meet in our dreams as we lie in our beds preparing to sleep.

Instead of counting sheep, I’d be up all night listing all the reasons why I adore you. It wouldn’t be the end of the day if I didn’t tell you that I adore you.

I adore you and wish you a nice night. I’m sending you a loving embrace and my undivided attention. Have a good night’s sleep. Alluring Good Night Messages – I miss you terribly.

I wish I could take you in my arms right now and fall asleep in your embrace. Good night, and have a good night’s sleep. I adore you and miss you. I’ll never be able to forget how much I adore you.

Alluring Good Night Messages-It’s as big as the night sky and as constant as the constellations. My eternal love, good night.

Night time is the time when we so often get to spend our most cherished moments together. Sweet dreams, darling. Remember how much I love you.

Nothing is as depressing as being without you. I love you more each day. Good night and sweet dreams, my love.

The love we share is like a dream come true. May it fill your mind with pleasant thoughts as you drift off to sleep.

Good night! Your love envelopes me like the night sky envelopes the stars. May your sleep be sweet as you think of my arms holding you tightly.

Good night, my love! My love, may your sleep draw you into a world of delightful dreams and refreshing rest. Good night, Alluring Good Night Messages sweetheart!

The moon and stars above you can remind you of the light of our love that shines brightly even while we’re apart. Good night, my love!

I’ve always thought your eyes are stunning. Eyes that are sparkling and clear, brilliant and gleaming.

NOW CLOSE THEM SO THAT THEY DO NOT LOSE THEIR BRILLIANCE! May you have a quiet and beautiful night’s sleep, my darling, and dreams of our amazing love. Have a good night!

You fill my heart with love and my life with joy. Tonight I wish you the rest, relaxation, and peaceful sleep you deserve.

Good night, love, and sweet dreams! Instead of counting sheep tonight, count the many ways we’ve expressed our love for one another. Wishing you a relaxing night filled with beautiful dreams of the love we share.

Good night! Tonight and every night, I fall asleep with you locked in my heart and mind. Loving you makes my life so much more complete.

As you drift off to sleep think of how much I care about you and how thankful I am to have you in my life. Good night!

May your sleep be peaceful and the time pass fast till the next time we can be together when the hours pass and darkness falls.

Sweet slumbers! Sweetheart, I wish we could be together right now, but until then, I give you my best wishes for a restful night’s sleep.

Alluring Good Night Messages you’re my life’s love and the one I fantasize about every night.

May your dreams tonight be filled with lovely memories of our time together. May my love envelop you like a blanket when you put your head on your pillow. Good night, my sweetheart!

May your sleep be peaceful and your dreams are filled with scenes from our past, present, and future together.

I love you! Wishing you were here by my side. Please have a good night and pleasant dreams. My love will forever be yours.

I’m hugging my pillow and thinking of you. If only you were here with me, sweetheart. Love and pleasant dreams.

Imagine I’m there alongside you when you lay down to sleep tonight, my darling. Even if I am unable to be physically present with you, I am always present in spirit.

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I adore you! I’m giving you all of my love and good night wishes. I’ll be thinking of you and smiling while I do so.

Sweetheart, know that I adore you and will always do so. Tonight, sleep close and let my love keep you warm.

In my dreams, I’ll see you. I’d like to say good night and I love you before I close my eyes.

Like a lock and key or a hand and glove, you and I are a perfect match. Remember how much I value your affection tonight when you lay your head on your pillow.

Say Good Night to Your Lover with a Romantic Text Message

When it comes to Southern romance, it’s no secret that choosing the right words is important. Crafting the perfect romantic message and expressing how much you care about someone may be difficult, but it can also be incredibly rewarding.

Say Good Night to Your Lover

If you need a dash of inspiration, explore these short love messages and quotes about love for a little help with telling your beloved just how much you care!

If I could give you one thing in life, I’d give you the ability to see yourself through my eyes, only then would you realize how special you are to me.

If you were a movie, I’d watch you over and over again. In a sea of people, my eyes always search for you.

Sweetheart, I want you to know how much I adore you. I’m sending you kisses and good night hugs. Good night to you, the lovely lady you are.

Because you’ve caught my heart and affection, I wish you were mine. It’s best to express your love at night. Let me express my feelings by saying that I adore and love you.

Greetings and good night. I’m thinking about you and all the reasons I adore you. My dear, I wish you a wonderful night.

From afar, I adore you. When you’re close, I love you. Good night, my beloved, and I love you always. I hope you have a wonderful evening.

Hopefully, this sweet good night message will bring a smile to your face.

Alluring Good Night to Your Lover with a Romantic Text Message

Feel the warmth of my good night wishes as I imagine myself tucking you into bed. I Love you my sweetheart.

Alluring Good Night Messages – Good night my love. Just want you to know, my love for you will continue to grow.

Sleep tight my dear. Roses are red, violets are blue, may sweet dreams be yours all the night through! Good night from your love! Place your head on your pillow and imagine me kissing you good night.

Loving you is just so right. Pleasant dreams. I’m texting you this message of love. I hope you sleep well, enveloped in my love. Alluring Good Night Messages My heart is yours.

May all your dreams be as beautiful as you. May all your mornings bring you the brightest sunshine. Love you.

I plan to see you in my dreams tonight. I hope to meet you there because I love you madly. Dream of me the way I’ll dream of you tonight, and my night will be a pleasant one, my love.

I’m sending you this text to let you know, I love you so very much. I’m sending you kisses tonight.

Inspirational Good Night Wishes for a Good Night Rest

It’s not every day that you meet someone with whom you sense a strong bond. If you’ve been fortunate enough to meet the love of your life or a true friend who is always there for you, coming up with new methods to demonstrate how much you care may keep the romance and spice alive in your relationship.

When you care passionately about someone, it’s critical to communicate your sentiments in ways that make them feel unique.

If you have a significant other, telling them how much you care about them right before bed can put them in a good mood for the rest of the night.

What are the chances? Maybe they’ll even dream about you and your relationship!

Nod off, my love, into that place of peace — that place of serenity where you regain a new calm and strength.

Today will soon be yesterday. Tomorrow is a new day. Begin it well and serenely. Dreams are the powerhouse of inspiration.

Go on to dreamland, knowing that you are embarking on a new adventure each time.

Rock-a-bye baby, in the tree top, when the winds of stress blow, sweet dreams will make it stop. Have a restful night.

You owe it to yourself to end the day with good thoughts. Today, you got up and did what you could. Tomorrow is another fresh start no matter what.

Bitterness can overcome your sweetness when you go to sleep holding on to today’s disappointments. Let go, and let sleep bring you peace.

It takes darkness to show off the glow of the stars just as it takes errors and misadventures to shine the light on your strengths. Embrace this thought, and go to sleep.

Tomorrow is always a new day. I know you’ve had a rough couple of days. When you close your eyes tonight, leave all that stress where it belongs — in the past. What’s done is done. This day is over. Embrace sleep for tomorrow brings new opportunities to do better.

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When you close your eyes tonight, take a deep breath and as you exhale, slip into dreamland with the knowledge that you’ve done your best today.

Wishing you a good night’s sleep, sweet dreams, restful rejuvenation, and a bright energetic day tomorrow.

There is that tiny private place in your heart that would fit this message perfectly: I love you. Good night.

Night is not a time to lose hope in spite of the darkness. There is always light at the dawn of a new day.

Tonight, look at the moon’s splendor and imagine myself thinking about you. I’ll always be your guiding light in the dark and the beacon that leads you back to safety.

There is a deep link between us based on shared experiences from the past and the prospect of many more tomorrows.

Rest easy at night, knowing that each passing night increases our relationship. Sleep soundly knowing that you gave it your all today.

Wake up tomorrow determined to be the best you can be. I’m kissing you on the forehead with a sweet, loving kiss.

Take that kiss, tuck yourself under a nice fuzzy blanket, and drift off to sleep.

Tonight, you’re in charge of your tiny chamber. The world will be yours to control as you wish tomorrow. Greetings and good night.

I wish you a good night’s sleep and an abundance of beautiful dreams, just like you have given to me. The most successful people in the world know that to be effective, a good restful night’s sleep is essential.

Imitate those people! The secret to getting a good night’s sleep: Close your eyes and think of each thing that would happen in your perfect world.

You know how your three year old behaves when he hasn’t gotten enough sleep. Well honey, he gets that from you – get some sleep! When I can’t sleep, I close my eyes, relax my muscles and take a trip back to those moments in life that seemed perfect.

Dream away your troubles, as if someone laid a secret whisper on your pillow that only you can hear.

Rapt in His glory and power, certain that despite my vain attempts at imagined control, He has the world in His hands … I sleep.

You’ve heard the expression “Let go and let God.” Lay your head down to sleep tonight, resting assured — He’s got this.

Stop the cyclone in your head and fall to sleep…you can’t do anything about it tonight, and you’ll be 100% tomorrow.

Blissful sleep… know that your ONLY responsibility is recharging your batteries to face tomorrow with renewed optimism.

Stress, family demands, work pressure…. all enemies of a good night sleep. Don’t let them rent space in your head! You’re so selfless, but you need rest.

When the airplane’s in trouble, you can’t help others until you put on your OWN oxygen mask! Good night sweet Prince.

May you rock gently in the soft breeze as you sleep in a peaceful cradle of sweet dreams.

Prayer for bedtime: Dear Heavenly Father, bless me with restful sleep so I can be of maximum service to You tomorrow.

You run all day long, for work and family. Tonight when you lay down, think only of peace and rejuvenation.

May God’s grace calm your mind, bless you with restful sleep, and awaken you fresh in the knowledge that you are His child.

Amazing Collection of Good Night Messages for Her

Send her a heartfelt goodnight greeting. Check out our great selection of romantic and flirtatious good night texts for your wife or girlfriend.

Amazing Collection of Good Night Messages

Couples in a healthy relationship kiss each other on the cheek at the end of the day, say “good night,” and turn over, anticipating the demands of the next day.

Even if this technique is acceptable, a well-crafted note or message will send your particular woman off to dreamland with more on her mind than carpool.

Wishing her a good night shows how much you care for her and invites her to have beautiful dreams.

So, utilize the ideas below or come up with your own, but be sure to send a good night greeting to the woman you care about.

Romantic Good Night Messages for Her to have a Sweet Night Dream

May God bless and keep you until morning, when I get to gaze into those beautiful eyes once more.

Every morning I see you after a night separated, I can sense how much you’ve missed me in your eyes. I’m sure you can sense it for me as well, so, for now, the only thing we can do, is meet in our dreams.

Good night, see you soon. Hey, I know it’s late, and we should probably be heading to bed soon. But before that, I just want to say how much I love you, and how much I miss you.

Damn, wish you were here right now. Can’t wait for the night to go away so I can see you tomorrow. Good night.

They say that hell is just a place without you, if that’s true. Then I’ve been living in hell every night.

Finding paradise only in my dreams, where I can see you again. Good night. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? No? Well, as you sleep tonight I’ll be sending subliminal messages about tomorrow night’s activities.

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Let’s spend some “us” time together and prepare a night of pleasant dreams. I can’t believe you’re mine, whether you’re awake and taking care of business or sleeping next to me like the angel you are.

To truly turn you hot, here’s a good night message: I’m going to vacuum the entire home and clean the dishes tomorrow, baby.

Everyone else sees how lovely you are on the outside, but only I know how fierce you are on the inside.

Isn’t it weird? Dreaming of my future being creating a happy past with you? I mean, all my happy memories thus far have all been with you.

So I can’t wait to make more the second we wake up. So let’s say good night for now. Because the day will be even better.

Even though the time I spend away from you seems like a nightmare, the dreams I have of you throughout the night, are the sweetest a person can have. Good night. I love you.

If I only could have one wish for tonight. It would be to enter your dreams and see if you’re dreaming about us. Because I certainly am. Good night.

Before we go to bed tonight, imagine the most passionate night ever. I’ll meet you there, baby.

I imagine you on a beach while warm winds gently blow. Come to bed and rest — it’s within reach. Your gorgeous face is shining, so come to bed and relax — it’s within grasp.

Let’s go to bed and make mad love when the roses are crimson and the violets hover above us! You manage to juggle everything, but know that I appreciate your devotion and hard work when you sleep tonight, honey.

My love, good night. Dream of my kisses enveloping your entire body (starting with you-know-where). The mere thought of you transforms all approaching horrors into the happiest dreams.

Have a good night! We seem to be running, running, running all day. Alluring Good Night Messages let’s think about us, us, us as we drift off to sleep tonight.

When you’re sleeping tonight, you’ll look so sweet and angelic. But, you and I know the real truth (my tiger).

No picture can substitute the warmth of your body that is missing from our bed, no text can replace the kindness in your words, no voice message can beat the pleasure of you whispering in my ear, and no emoji has a more beautiful smile than you do.

So no matter what we do over text, I will always miss you. So good night, and I can’t wait to see you again.

I wish you a sweet night’s sleep, sweet girl of mine. Alluring Good Night Messages dream of the perfect man for you — that would be ME! I won’t lie, I’ve missed you already.

I know it hasn’t been long. But as every century with you seems like a second, every second away from you seems like a century. Alluring Good Night Messages so let this night ends fast so I can see you again.

Good night, I love you. Although we’re not, think of us together tonight. Imagine I’m kissing your neck.

Alluring Good Night Messages,  please do have a sweet dreams baby. You see, the night is an interesting thing. I have never loved and hated something so much at the same time.

I hate it because it is the only time during the day when I can’t be with you. Alluring Good Night Messages but yet, it is the time where I can dream of you endlessly.

Good night. I can’t wait to slide into bed with you and have your hair laying across my shoulder.

Alluring Good Night Messages – that’s heaven to me. Meet you in bed later, honey, and you can simply relax while I massage out all the stress from your day.

Sweetest Good Night Messages for Her Soul

Wishing amazing dreams to an amazing wife, amazing mother, and amazing-like-I-think-the- world-is-on-fire lover.

As you go to sleep tonight, forget counting sheep. Count the ways I love you because they are infinite in number.

Alluring Good Night Messages – Hey beautiful! Wanna go to bed with a strapping hunk of a man and make kinky jungle love? What do you mean “Who?!”

Let’s enjoy our private bedtime tonight doing what we do best — and I don’t mean clean the garage. When you close your eyes to sleep tonight, I hope I creep into your dreams — in a good way.

Is it bad to hope you have erotic dreams about me tonight? I hope they’re really bad and really good.

Good night, my sweet girl. Alluring Good Night Messages have sweet dreams tonight, and maybe one or two not-so-sweet dreams with me in a starring role.

Have wonderful dreams, honey. Imagine I’m singing a lullaby for you (in your imagination, I’ll be singing in key).

If I had a magic wand, I’d cast a spell and give you sweet dreams.

Alluring Good Night Messages speaking of magic wands… I’m anxious to get into bed with you so I can offer a physical demonstration of my all-encompassing love.

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