Nintendo Switch launched its latest gaming console on the 8th of October, 2021 and fans are going gaga over it! Nintendo has always launched consoles with LCD screens up until now. As the name suggests, the company has focused its time on OLED displays and it is as portable as they come.


It is also the increased storage space that makes the upgrade worth it, for the existing users. The company priced its base Switch model at $300 and has introduced the latest OLED display at $350.

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Overall, it is very similar to its base model but there are significant upgrades that we will be reviewing today. Also, the portable functionality and idiosyncratic controllers are the same as the original model.

Getting into the Technicalities

The minor upgrades in design and usability are a decent upgrade for an additional $50. It weighs 14.9 ounces and is 9.5*4.0*0.6 inches in size. It is worth mentioning that the Nintendo Switch was only 14.1 ounces in weight. The display is now 7 inches wide (1 inch wider from Nintendo Switch) with a Custom Nvidia Tegra X1 chipset. It has an expandable storage capacity of 64 GB and 1080p resolution when docked.

It has a decent battery life of 5- 9 hours and contains ports for USB-C, 3.5mm audio, Micro SD, HDMI (docked) and LAN (docked). The black and white theme of the console is rather aesthetic to look at.

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The Graphics

Contrary to the expectations of the brand loyalists, the graphics haven’t improved and neither are there any new games launched. Nintendo Switch OLED review is that this time, it’s something different. The display technology has improved multifold when we talk about the vibrant colours, contrasts, crispness, the dark mode for certain games; with only 720p. The overall experience is all the more immerse. However, the visibility might be slightly low during the daytime for some of the users who look for high brightness.

User Experience

Reviewing the usability of the Nintendo Switch OLED, it is essentially an upgrade of the hardware in terms of design, functionality, usability and size. The screen size is larger as they have reduced the nozzle surface area but there isn’t much difference in how it feels. The new kickstand is much more sturdy and is flexible when shifting and adjusting different angles. Nintendo has upgraded the speaker system and better sound quality. The redesign ensures that it is more comfortable to hold.

The battery life is good and users are impressed with its efficiency. When we review the dock, we can say with certainty that Nintendo has greatly improved the quality of material used and the overall design structure. It has a proper structure with the stamped logo of the company. The back may be separated, contrary to the past hinges that the company offered in its docks. It is a definite improvement on their part. It has become relatively easier to hold for longer time duration due to the change in the physical design.

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