Male Pattern Baldness: It is seen that Male Pattern Baldness starts to happen to men after the age of 35. And no, the internet is not the reason behind it too now. If you are experiencing baldness and hair loss and you see your mane thinning, I am not blaming you for not searching enough about this condition.

Male Pattern Baldness

But let me warn you that there’s a big number of misconceptions that people still believe in today. The Best Hair Transplant Surgeons in Lahore say that male pattern baldness is often experienced by men at a much earlier age.

I know you’re confused at this moment. You’re not being able to figure out the reason behind this baldness. So let me clear the air for you and explain to you what’s made up and what’s real. Have a look at the myths and misconceptions given below to make it easy for yourself to understand.

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Myth 1: Shampoo Is The Reason Behind Your Baldness

Shampoo has nothing to do with hairloss. And yes, a person does shed a few hair while washing, which is completely normal. An average guy loses almost 40 to 50 hair strands while shampooing.

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On the other hand if you’re experiencing anything unusual. This may be because you’re allergic to a specific ingredient present in the shampoo. Try and use the shampoos that best suit your hair. If you feel allergic or feel irritated, go for shampoos that contain ketoconazole 3 to 3 times a week.

Myth 2: Everyone Goes Bald At The Age of 50

Male pattern baldness has no defined age. It comes as a surprise to a lot of people and some people don’t even shed hair at all. So, it should be kept in mind that whether you’re 50 or 15, it doesn’t matter at all.

However, the texture of your hair starts to get thin after the age of 50.

Myth 3: Wearing Hats Causes Baldness

If you have this habit of wearing hats and every time to take it off you see a few strands of hair inside it. Well there’s nothing alarming about it. It’s much more like your delicate hair has fallen in the hat already. It’s now sitting there as a souvenir.

So, not wearing hats never causes hair fall or baldness. But yes in some cases it’s been observed that if you keep wearing a tight hat for a longer period of time it can affect your hair.

If a certain area of your head is covered tightly for a longer period of time, it usually results in alopecia (loss of hair for certain areas of head).

Myth 4: Exposure to Sunlight Can Make your Hair Fall

Although it does feel like your head is on fire while you’re out on a hot summer day. But this doesn’t mean that it’s causing you hairfall or baldness.
However, it is noticed a lot that when a person stays under the sun for a longer period of time, it does cause thinning of hair.


This has nothing to do with hair loss and baldness. But do keep in mind that exposure to sun is not very friendly when it comes to skin. Do wear sunscreen while going out.

Myth 5: Chlorine and Salt Water Leads to Baldness

An excess amount of chlorine and salt water can make your hair dry and frizzy for a few days. But this does not indicate any sign that you’ll be getting bald anytime soon.

However, if you’re worried about the texture of your hair after going to the pool, then try out conditioning. It helps get your moisture back. Taking a shower after swimming and rinsing your hair with clean water can help get rid of chemicals.

Myth 6: Blow-Drying Your Hair Causes Hair Loss

Blow Drying your hair frequently causes damage to hair and makes it dry and flaky. This only happens when you’re not careful. It is always seen that the hair loss from blow drying is always replaced by new hair.

Rest-assured, blow drying your hair never causes permanent hair loss.


Keep a check and find the root cause behind the baldness. If your body lacks a few nutrients which is causing hair loss then try and make that better by adding healthier options to your diet. Consult your doctor and take prescribed medication. And if it’s actually male pattern baldness, do go for treatments like PRP and hair transplant.

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