LetMeWatchThis: This official website to Watch Free Movies & TV Shows Online has been closed down, and if you are looking for reliable LetMeWatchThis alternative that lets you watch TV shows online for free? There are many similar ones for our needs and some work even better.


In this article, I would suggest to you the best LetMeWatchThis alternatives to enjoy your favorite online TV at no cost if r/LetMeWatchThis and letmewatchThis TV has stopped working.


Lately you don’t even need a real television set to watch all TV episodes. Your computer + smartpone + good internet connection is equal to unlimited free movies at your fingertips. Thanks to movie streaming platforms such as letmewatchthis, Let Me Watch This is a great website for us to watch tv shows online free.

More so, I must admit that with our growing demand for free movies, the experience when using LetMeWatchThis no longer seems to be in line with its fame, or the way things used to be – users keep raving about how unstable the website is, how annoying their ads and diversions are; The website does not seem simple enough for new users; LetMeWatchThis not working or LetMeWatchThis is not available from time to time due to servers issues, these are few things many users don’t love about it.

What Is LetMeWatchThis New Name?

Many users still faced frequent outages and short periods of downtime when accessing LetMeWatchThis over the past few months. There’s no official statement as to why this is happening, but the Let Me Watch This operators has redirected their domain to pw.unblockit.li, which is the new Primewire unblocked site.

Best Sites like LetMeWatchThis Updated

Sites like LetMeWatchThis have been known to face a lot of pressure from government agencies, media giants, and copyright laws to shut them down. While it hasn’t been confirmed yet, the switch is most likely another precaution to try and keep things going for free movies lovers.

If you are a fan of letmewatchthis movies but unfortunately, government agencies or your ISP blocked letmewatchthis tv, don’t worry anymore!

Below we have compiled a list of 10 best LetMeWatchThis alternatives or paherps, free movie streaming sites like Let Me Watch This, that will satisfy your craving for free movies and latest TV shows online free.

Top Best LetMeWatchThis Alternatives To Watch TV Shows Online Free (2021).


Filmgan is an up-and-coming online cinema portal that provides easy access to hundreds of international films, most of them mainstream. This online film viewing portal has an easy and safe navigation style. The good thing is that users won’t be distracted by advertising while watching movies on this website.

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Unlike other portals, Filmgan doesn’t show up in your screen when you change the size of your window. You can also watch many of your movies without any interruption; this is because the interface and settings are very simple, requiring only a click on the “play” button for the movie to start.


1Tamilmv is one of the most popular LetMeWatchThis alternatives sites available right now. The site has been around since 2011 and has many visitors every day. One reason it is so popular is the streaming of TV series for up to HD resolution.

Also, you can find the full seasons and episodes for it. In addition, it presents a brief description of the series alongside the main cast. In addition to TV series, you can also find movie reviews here.

1Tamilmv has an extensive collection of 1080p, 720p, 480p & 360p free movies and TV shows, and its well-developed user interface makes searching and exploring content a breeze.

1TamilMv was originated from tamilmv.com, it came up after the shut down of Tamil Mv, so if you are looking for tamilmv proxy, 1tamilmv. is one of them.


Tamilblasters is an all-in-one internet TV and movie download site that allow you to watch your favorite Tamil movies and international TV shows without any extra monthly charge. TamilBlasters is an all new website that gives you all the latest Tamil entertainment without having to pay any extra money for it.

This is simply because this service offers many exclusive features and a huge database. It not only includes popular Tamil movies and television series, but also most of the popular Hollywood movies and international TV shows.

This means that if you love watching movies and international TV shows from India or other South Asian countries, then you will definitely love this website.

The biggest advantage of this website is that it is 100% legal. Unlike other similar websites that allow you to download pirated copies of movies from websites like torrent sites, tamilblasters doesn’t allow you to do so.

All their movies are acquired directly from licensed distributors thus ensuring their legality and copyright act. If you are one of those people who are constantly downloading illegal copies of movies, this is the perfect website to visit.

TamilBlasters also has an interesting database. Unlike other LetMeWatchThis Alternatives that have only a small database, Tamilblasters has a large database with millions of movie titles and television serials in English and Tamil languages. You can even download the latest episode of your favorite Tamil TV series without spending a single penny. You can also find great Tamil motion pictures for the latest release like “Mankatha” and “Endhiran”.

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With these amenities and more, it is no wonder why Tamilblasters become so popular among foreign visitors and residents alike.


The last LetMeWatchThis Alternatives site on the list is TamilPlay 2021 as it feature thousands of TV series and episodes for free. All the Tamil Movies in Tamilplay can be downloaded from the internet without any cost or trouble. Tamil Movies on TamilPlay .com are all in high quality duplicate of the original movie that has been remastered using the state of the art lossless compression technology.

Tamil Movies in tamilplay format is the most-watched and pirated form of Tamil film industry. It is also known as tamilpani, Tamil poor, Tamil pir, Tamil Punjabi and tamil razzle.

Kindly be informed that Tamilplay is an illegal download site. It usually has a huge list of illegal torrent websites available at the same time. You can easily get this movie from the official website of tamilplay.

But the list of torrent websites may not be accurate. Many other illegal sites are there that may not be on the list but are still are giving out movies without the permission of the copyright holder.


Mallumv is the latest addition to an already-packed LetMeWatchThis Alternatives that includes on this list. Free Movies and TV shows on Mallumv are very well divided into different sections such as WEB TV Series, Malayalam Movies, Tamil Movies, Hindi Movies, English Movies, Telugu Movies, and Kannada Movies.

Unlike other free movies sites, Mallumv does not have a native mobile applications. As a result, you can start watching movies from your PC and continue watching them on your web browsers.


Klwap is an online piracy site giving its viewers a big list of Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Kannada, and Bengali films loaded in high-definition quality for free. A major advantage of this site is that it lets users add their own subtitles to the movies they have already seen to enrich the viewing experience.

Subtitles can be helpful when some viewers may not be able to understand all languages in a movie because of slower response from their computers when dealing with a foreign language.

Another advantage of this service is that it lets you watch movies as many times as you want without having to worry about illegal website blockades by your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

There are many instances wherein ISPs block or restrict the access of certain websites especially when they contain illegal materials or are being used for online gaming. Blocked websites will not allow you to view their movies or play their music or other media.

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DVDPlay. in

DVDPlay is another great alternative to LetMeWatchThis. Streaming and downloading both TV shows and movies from DVDPlay Malayalam movies is completely free.

Similar to Let Me Watch This content in DVDPlay it splits very well into different sections like WEB TV Series, Malayalam Movies, Tamil Movies, Hindi Movies, English Movies, Telugu Movies, and Kannada Movies.

You can easily find lots of exclusive titles and old TV shows on Yahoo View. Lastly, Yahoo view also has a very well developed video player which optimizes video quality based on internet speed.


Moviedhun is another reliable alternative to LetMeWatchThis that features an extensive collection of free movies and TV shows online.

The TV series are listed here according to the date they were uploaded. It also shows the number of episodes, which is good, so you can tell if it has already completed or not. In addition, it supports up to HD quality for the best viewing experience.


This streaming platform indexes HD free movies and TV shows online from premium ott sites. KeralaHD has a decent list of the latest movies and TV shows.

The good thing about KeralaHD is that you can also watch series produced in other countries as well.

Most KeralaHD movies are available in high definition quality and the site also provides Tamil movie download with subtitles.

Cinemavilla. com

Next on the perfect list of LetMeWatchThis Alternatives is Cinemavilla 2021.

Since all love to watch movies, and at the same time like to see it at its best in HQ, HD, & 4K quality. The technology has evolved in the last few years and now that is a quality that will not fit into standard DVD format. So the best way to go at the moment is to go with Cinemavilla.

They have been around almost 5 years already and are well set up for the future, they recently invested in a new digital signage company called Wysi which will handle all the display advertising on Cinemavilla’s website.

As with LetMeWatchThis, there really is no cost involved for watching Movies over the internet using Cinemavilla Video Streaming service.

The movie-download industry is doing great and doing better than ever in the past two years, and it is only going to get better. If you are a movie buff like me, then you need to check out the new movie downloads section on Cinemavilla malayalam.


So, These are some of the best and most amazing alternatives to LetMeWatchThis for free movies and TV shows online.

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