UX Experience: User experience is the most crucial ingredient that ensures your website’s success. Do you know user experience can make or break your online business? There are two elements that you encounter when dealing with online marketing:

  • Search Engine Bots
  • Users

UX Experience

Well, search engines rely on how users respond to your web pages while indexing and ranking your website. So, the thing that governs your overall position on SERPs user web experience. Strategically approach UX Experience to get the best results.

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Are you interested in knowing the factors that can boost your business? Everything work on rules and with a proper system. Let’s learn more about these rules.

Top 10 UX Experience rules to take your business to the next level

User experience is a broad subject that deals with many user aspects. But, it is vital to list down the basic ones without which your website can’t survive. Here is the list:

#1 Wise use of colors and contrast

Colors are the best interacting medium with the users. They can illustrate your website or make it look dull. Indeed, a maximum of 3-4 colors provides good UX Experience. One or two colors can take up the theme background—colors like black or dark blue for the text. And you can use highlighting colors for the headlines, important links, or CTAs.

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#2 Research on your target audience

Customers not only purchase products, but they also aspire to buy a better version of themselves. So, when you know your customers well, it is easy to create a website accordingly. See what the wants, needs, and concern areas of your customers are. You can fit your website elements according to them.

#3 Make content work for you

Content can go a long way in amplifying your business. Information lies in bits and pieces everywhere on the web page. Let it be:

  • Subscribe button
  • Making Website categories
  • URL structure
  • Landing page content
  • About us page
  • Promotional or informative content like Articles, blogs, videos, or podcasts

Also, you can contact web design agency India to design suitable content for giving the best user experience.

#4 Combine consistency and innovation for a better UX Experience

Consistency matters the most in all spheres of the website. All web pages must look alike. Otherwise, a dark hue on one page will contradict light colors on another page. Website architecture and navigation should be the same. It will make your website predictable and easy to digest.

Innovation is the contradictory aspect of consistency. You can innovate in terms of the latest entrants in the market. It will keep your website technology updated and relevant. So, the combination of consistency and innovation work wonders.

#5 Consider short attention spans

Nowadays, there is information overload on the internet. Thus, the user’s attention span is decreasing considerably. They want something quick and easy to grab.

  • Landing pages can solve your purpose. These are the dedicated pages for promoting your product or services.
  • Use strong visuals like graphs, info-graphics, illustrations, etc.
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#6 Use Simplicity as your trump card

For providing optimal user experience, less is more. People prefer simple much more than complex designs. When you give fewer choices, it is easier to select the things. And it provides more satisfaction. On the other hand, customers can get confused while selecting from many options. So, add simplicity to all your design elements.

#7 Add compulsory CTAs

Call to Actions (CTAs) gives proper direction to your customers. First of all, use neon colors to
highlight the presence of CTAs. It is better to include them in the initial part of the web pages. What is its benefit? Some customers may leave the page before reaching the bottom.

#8 Design easy-to-use navigation

Navigation can make your website visitor’s journey worth remembering. A whole lot of tabs and categories on the top menu are challenging to navigate. And web page without enough space makes it difficult to breathe. On the other hand, space increase the relevance of already existing website elements.

#9 Make your content easily scannable

Create a digestible continent with short and simple lines. Most users access the website on their mobiles that have less space. Also, smaller paragraphs are more appealing as compared to a giant wall of text.

#10 Check your website for errors

Proofread your website many times for any errors left. When there are so many pages added to the website, it becomes difficult to change them later. So, checking your website for any mistakes beforehand will increase your credibility and reputation.

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In short, user experience is an essential component of web designing. You must personalize the user experience, make them feel homely, or shoo them away.

It’s your choice! But, when you optimize the web user experience, your clients will become like your family members. And be your loyal and repeated customers. Gain more insights in the section above.

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