5G: Living in this era with technology means you are living far away from nature. The increase in the use of processed foods, chemical added fertilizers, synthetic products like plastic, and many electronics emitting dangerous rays is the most hazardous change in human lives during the past century. And now, with the invention of the technology, the human race is going to face its catastrophic results with time.



There are many rumours and myths circulating the world that are associated with the 5G and COVID-19 pandemic.

Some people say COVID-19 vaccine has 5G microchips, or some say the virus is spread with the technology. Cancer and hearing disorders are also associated with this technology. You can consult the best ENT specialist in Karachi if you want to know the impact of such technologies on your hearing.

What Is 5G Technology?

5G technology is the latest wireless network of technology used to transmit the data between the appliances like mobile phones, Bluetooth devices and other electronics. The basic concept behind the technology is the production of electromagnetic radiations. It is faster and more efficient than the previous technologies as it operated on higher frequencies.

The electromagnetic frequencies produced by it make an area or field known as Electromagnetic Field (EMF). These EMFs may have harmful effects on human health, according to some researchers.

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The 5G technology is more efficient than the previous mobile technologies due to the high frequency that makes transferring data a hundred times more than the previous ones. The connectivity provided by the 5G technology is also far more than the previous technology.

5G has lower latency than 4G that means more real-time access. For example, remote surgery can be possible with this technology.

Hazardous Effects Of 5G Technology On Human Health:

Scientists are working on this field and trying to prove the hazardous effects on human and animal health.

To date, there are only theories and assumptions related to the adverse effects of it on health. Very little data supports this belief that it is causing some specific types of diseases, etc.

Let’s discuss some of the possible side effects of 5G technology on human health; 5G and Cancer:

The electromagnetic fields produced by any electronic device like previous technologies like 4G, 3G or by other appliances like microwave, etc., can be dangerous to your health. According to scientists, these electromagnetic waves may cause brain cancer in humans. That’s why they use of mobile phones can be linked with brain cancers.

But linking only the technology with cancer is not justified, as the previous technologies also have the same effects on human health. More studies are needed to prove the link between cancer and 5G technology.

Tissue Heating:

Tissue heating is the rise of body temperature with the continuous use of devices emitting lectromagnetic energy. The mobile phone operates at the frequency of 1.8 to 2.2 GHz, which causes a rise in body temperature, known as tissue heating.

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When a person uses a mobile phone, he is in the electromagnetic field produced by the device. The person’s body absorbs more waves in this situation. Scientists are studying the effect of these high-frequency waves on the human body, and more data is needed to prove the adverse effects of these waves on human tissues.

5G and Immunity:

There are rumours around the world related to the COVID-19 pandemic and 5G technology. According to these rumours, technology weakened the immunity of human bodies and helped in the spread of the coronavirus in Wuhan, China. But scientists have proved that there is no link between human immunity and 5G. Similarly, some people believe the the technology helps in mutating the SARS virus
into COVID-19. All these rumours are false, as there is no relation between COVID-
19 and 5G technology.

The technology operates on electromagnetic waves like many other previous technologies. Electromagnetic radiations are present in our environment for a long time in television, radio signals, and even from the Sun.

The only difference between 5G and the previous mobile technologies is the  high-frequency waves. And the high speed depends on its high frequency. At this time, it is difficult to say that whether 5G is a conspiracy or a blessing for the
human race.

The hazardous effects that can be concluded from the research done on this technology suggest that it has the same effects as any other previous mobile technology, 4G,3G and other electronic devices producing EMFs.

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