Hundreds of research studies revealed that your study area has a great impact on the retention of lessons and other information. If you are a student you probably tried reviewing in a cafe, in a loud space, and your dormitory and you found out that some study sessions are better than the others because of the kind of environment you were in.

As a student, you have a lot of lessons to read and formulas to memorize hence every second is important. Since you now study in the comforts of your own home, why not transform one of the spare rooms into your study area? If you don’t know how to design the place, then follow the tips listed below.

1. Add the right pieces of furniture

Vincenzo chair

Your bedroom is not a conducive place to study because it is too comfortable that you end up falling asleep instead of reviewing. So now that you plan to create a study room for yourself, you have to make sure that you will add the right pieces of furniture. Buy a desk with a height that is suitable for you and will not cause any back problems. Pair it with a chair that lets you rest your feet on the floor and prevent you from slouching your shoulders. If you want to experience both function and style, then consider the Vincenzo chair. It is made from soft velvet fabric so seating on a Vincenzo chair will give you the ultimate comfort. Aside from that, this Vincenzo chair is a lavish circular chair that can make any space look and feel luxurious. The Vincenzo chair is large enough to accommodate you and your books. It will also allow you to experiment with different reading positions. You can purchase the Vincenzo chair for only $3 000.

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Consider the lighting of the study area


Your study area should not be too dark to prevent straining your eyes. Additionally, it would make you feel sleepy hence lighting is an important element to help you study efficiently. After purchasing the Vincenzo chair, now is the time to consider ordering lighting fixtures. Place a small yet elegant desk lamp on top of your study table to allow you to review even at night. Aside from that, put an overhead light to brighten the rest of the space. It is great if natural light can enter the room but make sure that the outside view will not distract you from studying.

Place some plants

wall plants

After buying a Vincenzo chair and lighting fixtures, consider adding some plants into the place. They can serve as decorative elements with a lot of benefits. Not only can they improve the quality of air in the room but their green leaves can make any space look and feel alive and more serene. As a result, you will be at ease when reviewing. The most recommended plants to purchase are aloe or snake plants because they are low-maintenance perfect for students like you with a strict and busy schedule. They don’t require much of your time, you just have to water them regularly to prevent them from dying.

Have all the supplies you need

Without your study materials and supplies, your study room would be incomplete. It will not help you get things done faster and easier. Hence, allocate a space where you can place a cabinet that will serve as a storage area for your study essentials like papers and a ballpen. It must be near your Vincenzo chair so you can reach them whenever you are studying.

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Install a large clock

The presence of a large clock in your study area will help you manage your time efficiently. When taking exams, you can easily check if the duration is nearing its end. You no longer have to grab your phone just to check the time which will tempt you to visit your social media accounts. When choosing a clock, make sure that the numbers, hands, and indexes are large enough so you can read the time as fast as possible.

In Conclusion

One of the most important considerations during the remote learning setup is the environment where you study. Make sure to follow the tips above so you can embark on online meetings and collaborations more effectively.

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