There are various types of cream to be applied on skin. The ketomac cream can be used with specific purpose. If there is any skin infection or fungal infection, then ketomac skin cream will take care of the infections. This cream will clear all sorts of fungal infections on skin. Ketomac cream contains antifungal agent ketoconazole which is responsible for destroying fungi on skin. The formula invented by ketomac is amazing as it can destroy fungi and can also resist further growth of fungi on skin.

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Various applications of cream

Ketomac is a reputed brand in the market and can be treated as the best antifungal cream. There are many brands working on fungal infections. But, ketomac has invented an amazing formula for destruction of fungi completely from skin as ketomac skin cream. In several infections with fungi and yeasts can be treated with ketomac cream. Ketomac cream uses may include treating lip infection. People who use dental fixtures or are prone to diabetes, can be affected by yeast. These infections with yeasts can be treated with ketomac cream.

Results of low immunity

Infections on lips may also occur to people with low levels of immunity. People who are prone to diabetes may also get affected with infection of fungi or yeasts. In each case, ketomac skin cream is applicable. Lip infections are very irritating and can build up generally at the corners of the lips. The two folded flesh offers the appearance of persons. But, with lip infections make the appearance unpleasant and at the same time, the persons lag confidence within themselves. To get rid of the problems, ketomac skin cream can be applied.

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Application of ketomac cream

Generally lip infections are formed due to candida yeast. It originally grows from inside the mouth. The persons who wear braces are generally affected by lip fungus. Similarly, nail fungus may also occur to some persons. If personal hygiene is not good, then infections from yeast may happen. In case of nail fungus, ketomac skin cream can be applied. Persons have to maintain oral hygiene to avoid lip infections. In each case, ketomac cream may be used. Profuse water should be consumed to resist the growth of lip fungus.

Functions of cream

The growth of lip fungus is due to Candida yeast. It may cause cracking of lips and inflammation of lips. Ketomac cream is best among all brands. The cream contains ketoconazole which is an antifungal agent. The component can resist the synthesis of cell membrane. One main component of cell membrane is ergosterol. The synthesis of this component is prevented by the antifungal agent in the ketomac cream. Therefore, the cell membrane of fungi is leaked by creation of holes. After that, the inside content of the fungi is poured out. In this way, fungi are killed. The growth of fungi is destroyed. In this way, the antifungal agent resists the growth of fungi.


People have to maintain personal hygiene to avoid fungal infections. To heal fungal infections ketomac cream may be used.

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