It is good if you have a property; it is a kind of investment for a person. How much is it worth? Does its value get impacted by any of the factors? These all are the questions that come into the mind of people having a property investment.


Well, the answer is yes! There are many factors that affect the value of the property. So before jumping into selling or buying property, make sure to be aware of the market value of the home. Read on to know some tips on determining the worth of a property so that you always get a fair price in the selling or buying process. Check out the list of important factors!

1. Location is very important

Location is the most impactful factor that determines the value of the Medallion Mohali. Every home differs in terms of cities, areas, subareas, or streets they are placed on. Keep a proper check on the location and make a decision only if it suits you well. Is the home located close to the center of the city? Is any school, shop nearby?

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What is the transport faculty around the area? What is the reputation of the area in terms of crime or unemployment? If you find the high value of the location, go with the decision of buying the home. What makes the location an important factor is because it cannot be changed once you get the deal done. Once you have shifted to a place, you have to make adjustments even if things are not in your favor.

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2. Condition of the home

There are 2 types of home – one that is maintained and the other which has not been maintained over the years. Who will you prefer to buy? A well-kept and maintained Medallion Sample Flat always has high chances of getting potential buyers, gets more value, and attracts customers at first glance. The first impression is the last one, as we all know! Not only the home cosmetics, but also the other benefits like the roof, water tank, and other maintenance that may be preferred by the buyers. This will push the buyer to make a quick decision about the property.

However, if the buyer comes to know about the historical flaws regarding the water damage, wind, or any other issues, this will create a negative impact on the home’s value. Even if you try to build trust in such a case, the buyer will always have some doubts or probabilities for the upcoming troubles. At last, you have to compromise on the price of the property.

3. Design and style of the house

The design and structure of the house is classified into 2 categories – structural and cosmetic. These both are determined by the homeowner as how they want to keep or present the house. If they have a good taste in interiors, the architectural and cosmetic changes can be made for a better appeal. Otherwise, they can adjust at the place accordingly and live there without making any changes.

When we talk about structural changes, it refers to the layout, size and age of the house. This makes a huge impact on the value of property, depending on the people’s choices. Some people are more inclined towards bigger areas than smaller ones. If your home is newly built and is under warranty period, this will definitely add value to it.

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Having some more features will add up to the value. The other things like parking facility, rental capabilities will be a plus and make an effect. A home with good investment potential will also make an impact on its value. The cosmetic factor refers to the renovation of houses. When you do update with the floors, kitchen, paint, and other stuff, this pushes the buyer to make a quick move-in. No need of updating the to-do list of buyers!

4. Choice of agent and exposure of your property

When you give exposure to your property in the market, it automatically enhances the number of offers on your way. A real estate agent has the idea of what marketing system will work for the property and which will result in the perfect buyer to make you an offer. An expert agent will do the job of exposing a home with full power and in a much better way than the one who just lists the site on sites and does nothing to make it sell.

Picking up the right agent will add value to your home in some way. What kind of exposure you get is also connected to the pricing strategy which will be recommended by an agent. Pricing is a key element for the property that adds worth to your home. Take suggestions from a real estate agent about the pricing strategy.

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