Funimation is one of the most well-liked websites in the anime world. This is so for obvious reasons. It stores numerous anime content.

The contents in this platform are managed orderly by different categories like drama, comedy, thriller mystery, action etc. This platform offers movies and series in dubbed and subbed versions.

It has versatility in contents. But, Funimation is taken down many times. This occurs randomly and is often unexplained.


The website is often scrutinized by regulatory bodies. The user’s flow of watching is often compromised for this. Hence, to be extra safe we should start taking precautions, i.e., find alternatives.

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KissAnime is known to hold the largest anime collection storing even the oldest ones. The website is completely free with no requirement of registration.

The best video quality is provided here ranging from 360p to 1080p. It is friendly with all streaming devices. The interface is quite simple too.

However, the membership status is there too. Registering for that will allow you to manage and bookmark anime. Notification for updated contents will be provided too.


One of the best options in the list. allows the user to create an account if required. This will automatically allow you to queue your anime.

The search bar is an efficient tool to look for your desired anime. The advanced search options also allow the user to search on the basis of TV series, OVA, movie classification.

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The user can also link his MyAnimeList account to it. A chat section is also provided on the website in order to provide help to the new comers.


It is particularly famous for storing anime with strong story line. They even have books related to particular anime character that gives the user better understanding about the characters that are in play.

This free website also has its own app that the users find much easier to use. The latest anime videos are uploaded here.

The user-friendly interface is quite simple to use. However, the disturbance of pop-up ads is there.


Covers anime from all genres like, kids’ fantasy, horror, drama etc.
Proper subbed and dubbed contents
Regular update of fresh anime.


Funimation is a free anime streaming website. This website is famous for giving you a community feeling.

The description of the movie as well as some well thought detailing of the particular anime is provided here in this website. The interface is easy to use and understand. One can stream for as many hours as he wants.


A free website with lots of details.
Experiencing to learn through anime.
A large collection


This website comes with lots of categories. It has vast anime content including anime movies, series, and dramas. The whole experience comes with a high-quality video streaming facility.

The streaming speed is not compromised even if the video quality is high. Hence, it gives an overwhelming experience.

Essential features:

It contains different categories of anime
Excellent video streaming quality


Another excellent website that allows streaming anime free of cost. There are lot of anime content on the website. It has a friendly interface that can be approached simply.

The anime contents are available in subbed and dubbed versions. The user can stream the device in their home Tv as well, due to the Chromecast adaptability feature.

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The user can log in via Facebook. The easy signup and registration process lead the user to a wonderful experience.


Excellent video contents and quality.
It can be streamed to Chromecast
Availability of an android app.


The website is quite similar to other websites with respect to many aspects. The high-quality format is what attracts major audiences.

However, the website has new features and an updated versions it keeps it afloat in the market. The versatility and the large collection of anime make it so popular.


HD streaming available
Good anime collection
Features mostly similar to other websites


Netflix is one of the most popular websites on  our list of Funimation  Alternatives. It is famous for its brand itself. The number of anime content are gradually increasing on this website. Netflix is popular especially for best quality video streaming in HD versions.

The versatility in its contents is what attracts major audiences. The anime library of Netflix is quite similar to Funimation. The video player is unique. The contents are perfectly in sync with the video. There are no pop-up ads.

However, Netflix is not a free website. It has different packages depending upon your need and requirement.


Gives an excellent streaming service
A simple interface and quality contents
Worth the cost


Hulu is another one such website that is widely popular in its own way. This has many types of contents, including anime. Some of the famous anime series and movies are available on Hulu.

The variation in anime and an excellent quality is what Hulu provides us. The customer service is also efficient. The customer support team is available 24/7.

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Key features:

It gives an ad-free experience
Contain exclusive contents.


Anime Planet is considered to be world’s first and most trusted recommendation database. The choices given and list provided will cover all the genres that you might like. The website was launched in2001.

It is famous for anime and manga recommendation. It is in fact one of the first website of that kind. A very simple registration and email verification is required.

There is a premium version of Anime Planet that has some brilliant features that will smoothen your streaming experience.


The anime and manga collection are good.
Legal streaming videos
Excellent recommendations


Another popular free website that is leading anime streaming site.

There are numerous movies, series and anime dramas covering different genres. The audiences are mesmerized by the variety of anime movies and their excellent qualities.

A short description of the storyline of each movie is provided here. There are subtitles and there are dubbed anime too.

This website also offers the downloading feature and an advance search tool to search desired anime contents quickly.

Creating a free account is quite easy here. It is also known to be a discussion ground to anime forums and polls.


A simple and user-friendly interface that is easy to understand.
Have tools like advanced search feature
Free website with large database and synced subtitles


Thus, it can be concluded that there are numerous websites in the market that are unique in their own ways.

There are excellent alternatives that will provide you uninterrupted streaming all throughout. Of course, there are premium and exclusive versions. But it solely depends on you as a user on where to spend and how

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