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The #1 definition of luxury – Assotech Celeste Towers

by Oma Alidu

Assotech Celeste Towers Limited – a famous real estate company and has been in the real estate market for over 25 years now. This real estate group is known for making excellent projects – residential projects as well as commercial projects in India.

Assotech Celeste Towers

The whole real estate market has been growing every day at a very fast speed. The needs of the people keep on changing with each passing day and with the change in needs, the real estate industry has been coming up with different ideas that can make people feel at home and comfortable. Similarly, Assotech Limited has been enhancing the way of living through their luxurious homes.

Similar to all the other projects by Assotech Limited, one of them is Celeste Towers. It is also a luxurious residential project that Assotech Limited is working on and will be launched soon. The excellent luxury that is offered by this residency by Assotech Limited matches all the international standards. Celeste towers are the definition of luxury and royal life that the residents of this tower will experience.

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Located at Sector 44, Noida, Celeste Towers are the epitome of posh and lavish life that one can experience. These towers are known to be the tallest luxurious residential project in Delhi NCR. The USP of this luxurious project is that it provides a complete and beautiful 360 view of the Noida Skyline to the people who are staying there.

Celeste towers are divided into 2 towers – Celeste Corona and Celeste Europa, with 35 and 32 floors respectively. Both the towers have similar facilities that the residents can enjoy.

Important features Celeste Corona and Celeste Europa

Assotech Limited’s luxurious project – Celeste towers are created with the idea to offer luxurious and comfortable lifestyles. Situated in a breathtaking area, this project is the epitome of perfection.

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Some key features of Celeste Towers that make it one of the most luxurious projects are:

  • There is a spa facility on the 32nd floor.
  • A swimming pool on the same floor
  • Private life in the apartment that the residents can enjoy

As we know that this luxurious project has two towers – Celeste Corona and Celeste Europa, here are some features you should know about both the towers.

  • Celeste Europa Towers – important features:
    Business lounge and solar panels
  • Cloud 9 privilege club
  • Basement parking for the residents.
  • Infinity swimming pool and world-class gym

Celeste Corona towers – important features:

  • A business lounge made for people where they can sort and do their official work.
  • Solar panels
  • Independent parking is given to every resident living in the society.
  • High entrance lobbies with separate mailboxes and waiting areas in each tower.
  • Sit outs for senior citizens.

These are just a few facilities mentioned. There are many other features that you can experience once you start living in this luxurious project.

Amenities that people can enjoy in Assotech Celeste Towers

Assotech Celeste Towers serve extremely lavish amenities to its people. Comfort and convenience are the two most important aims that they focus on.

The amenities or the features provided to the people living here will make them feel homely, comfortable, and entertain them as well.

Mentioned below are some excellent facilities that you cannot resist:

  • There is a squash court for everyone who wishes to play squash. The court is clean and is open to all.
  • For all the fitness enthusiasts, Celeste towers have a gym and a workout space filled with all new equipment. People who wish to do a hardcore workout can do it with all the available types of equipment.
  • The premises are guarded by security guards all the time as the society follows a 24×7 security system.
  • The whole premises is under CCTV surveillance. Anything wrong happening will be caught within no time.
  • A business lounge with a rooftop swimming pool. Specially crafted for professionals, this place offers a chill and quiet atmosphere with comfort and convenience.
  • Every individual in the society will get private parking of their own.
  • Every owner will be allotted private parking of their own. If you wish to buy another parking lot, that too can be done.
  • Last, but not least, the premises are covered with greenery. There are beautiful garments and sitting areas for everyone, especially the senior citizens.
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Mentioned above are just a few of the amenities that people can enjoy. Several other amenities are offered by Assotech Limited’s Celeste Towers that give them a homely feel and give out lavish vibes. There is only one aim of Assotech Celeste Towers and that is to make you feel comfortable by providing all the excellent luxuries to your doorsteps.


Everyone wishes to live a lavish life and the solution to this is Celeste Towers. These towers will provide you with an amazing and comfortable life that you have always dreamt of. It is located in a posh area of Sector 44. These towers are made to offer you luxury and comfort.

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