Whiteboard Animations Video is one of the powerful ways to promote your offerings. This is true when you are to show people how your products or services are benefiting your target audience. The director of Novartis Consumer Health, Cheryl Policastro stated that the video has helped them to promote their fiber supplement brand, “Benefiber”. However, you must be aware of the fact that filming a video with actual people takes both time and money. I didn’t know how much effort it takes to film an ad until I saw a documentary on advertisement-making on my Spectrum Gold package. That was so interesting that while watching, I faced a billing issue and I quickly contacted Spectrum payment center and asked them to renew my subscription and I got that resolved within one hour. Filming an ad will require not only design sets but also searching for actors.

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4 Ways to Use Whiteboard Animations for Marketing

Many brands have now started to make videos with the help of whiteboard animation. But what exactly is it? Well, it is a type of doodling. This method illustrates the drawing of places, objects, and characters on screen as the audience watches along. You can add music, sound effects, or voice-over to add life to the video. You can also add video footage that you shot as well as images to the video that you make with this technique. Let’s now look at the ways businesses are using whiteboard animations in their marketing efforts.

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#1. Creating Whiteboard Animation for Tablet Users

Whiteboard Animations: Businesses are making whiteboard animations to target tablet users. And there is a reason for that! The thing is that adults spend a lot more time on tablets than do on any other device. Also, it is predicted that tablets will take over PCs in the future. Therefore, it makes perfect sense why businesses are targeting those users. Once companies make whiteboard animations, they promote them via mobile ads. This is because it will help them attract a lot of people. The reason? Not many competitors will be doing the same thing. Plus, they don’t really capitalize on mobile ads. One benefit of this strategy is that people who view the whiteboard animation video can share it with their friends and family members. And this can help with brand awareness. More people will get to know about your offerings!

#2. A Perfect Medium for Telling Stories

This is probably one of the biggest reasons why entrepreneurs love whiteboard animation. It lets them tell the stories of their brand in a unique and engaging way. And when they do that, it gains the trust of the general public which leads them to buy from the brand. Therefore, it is best if companies convert complex ideas into a simple story and convey it to their target audience to generate more leads.

#3. A Tool for Promoting New Products, Services, and Technology

It’s never easy to promote your products, services, or technology to people. But whiteboard animations can make this task simpler. You may not know this but with this technique, you will be able to turn your boring briefs really exciting. Therefore, it is no surprise that many brands create and share whiteboard animation clips whenever they want to promote their offerings. In the video, you can easily explain to your target audience why your product can do it and why it is the best solution for them. Also, you can teach them how it works. Giving them all this valuable information will surely influence their purchase decision.

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#4. Makes Employee Training Easy

Employee training is in hot demand these days. According to Forbes, the United States increased its spending on corporate training by 15%. This alone speaks volumes regarding the importance of the subject matter. This report also showed how organizations are tackling a new challenge and it’s called the skill supply chain. There are some very visible capability gaps in organizations and the employees don’t usually have the required skill set to perform their job right. Therefore, there is a clear need for training! But training doesn’t necessarily mean doing it physically. You can do it remotely as well. And what better way than to take the help of whiteboard animations. Businesses and professional trainers use this technique to train employees in their respective fields and also aid them in sharpening their soft skills.


The power of video should not be undermined. It is the most effective way to reach out to your target audience. Whiteboard animations are a great way to grab the attention of the public. Such videos will also easily engage your audience and motivate them to interact with your brand whether it be in the form of comments on the clip or the actual sale. Therefore, it will be a wise move to try out this technique and see if it works well for your business.

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