Here we collect the best alternatives to PoseidonHD where you can watch free movies and free series. PoseidonHD is an entertainment platform that you can use to free Series Online in full HD. On this website you can not only stream the video for free, but you can also download it for later watching. In PoseidonHD you will find not only the popular TV series, but also many classic TV shows such Game of thrones on poseidonhd la original site.

While PoseidonHD is such a mature TV series streaming site, it is necessary to displays some ads to maintain functionality. Hence, users would be disturbed by this when they visit the site. However, when this website is down or the website is temporarily unavailable but you don’t want to miss a moment watching your favorite TV shows and series online. Thankfully, there are some sites here like PoseidonHD that you are sure to enjoy from any device.

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poseidonhd alternatives

As with any other websites it its category, here you can watch movies online for free and without advertising, in you will get the best movies released in recent years and also the latest releases that have come out in theaters, also the 2020 and 2021 movies.

Top 8 PoseidonHD Alternatives in 2021


1. Pelismart

Pelismart is one of the great sites like Watch Series. On this website you can watch various television programs from all over the world. You can stream from the first to the latest TV show or watch your favorite shows season after season.

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The Pelismart lives up to its name by including important movie series in its directory. However, the site has a downside as it has been blocked in so many countray for now. So if you are from such region don’t miss your chance and give the Pelismart alternatives a try.

2. Pepecine

Pepecine is another site like PoseidonHD for free series lovers. If you want to wath different movies and series online free, you will be more than satisfied with Pepecine. It brings you the latest TV shows with no hassle. It’s easy to use and you can access it from anywhere, be it on your laptop or on your mobile phone. You can easily find all your favorite shows and watch them the way you want.

It has a catalog of more than 30,000, so you can easily find the movie series you want to watch.

3. HDFull

The next PoseidonHD alternative that you could come across anytime is HDFull. The website is famous for streaming several award winning TV series from the United States. If you are an avid fan of mystery shows, chick films, and other genres, you will surely love this site.

In addition to new releases in movies, you can also find original series from OTT, including Netflix. Here the videos are rated accordingly and the “Updated Series” list is updated every month.

4. Pepecine

If you’re looking for another good website that is similar to the PoseidonHD, Pepecine is a great option. It is a video streaming site that allows you to choose different movies and TV series online free. It also offers free and unrestricted access to all content. You can watch all of your favorite series without worrying about the fee for the service. With many TV series in the library, most of the videos on this website are in HD quality.

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5. SeriesPapaya

One of the most popular sites like PoseidonHD is SeriesPapaya. Why; The site consists of TV shows and series from different genres and networks. You can choose to watch a popular series, comedy series, reality show and more. If you are also a fan of high quality TV series, SeriesPapaya is for you.

As with others, in SeriesPapaya you can select the title in which you want to access more information such as summary, duration, year, episodes, and from its file you can decide if you want to watch this series online or download it. In both cases, you will find some links to choose from and you can see it in the one that builds the most trust. As the name suggests, you can stream them in HD quality too.

6. Repelisplus



You can stream TV shows and popular movies from Repelisplus for free in Latin and Spanish in HD quality. The home page of the website contains TV series and films organized by category. In the meantime, you can click the TV Series tab to see all of the TV shows available. You can quickly sort and filter the TV series by genre, country, release date and quality.

For those looking for films in Spanish and without subtitles, this is one of the best alternatives to PoseidonHD. is a very useful website with this kind of great content. When you can’t find the title you are looking for on the homepage, you can then search directly for the TV series of your choice by using the search bar. Also, you can view famous and top rated TV series in the Top IMDb tab.

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7. Popcorn Time

Another popular PoseidonHD alternative is Popcorn Time. The TV series here are listed according to their upload date. Also, the number of episodes shown, which is good, so you can determine if it’s finished or not. Apart from that, it supports up to HD quality for the best viewing experience. You can also filter the TV series shown on the main page by genre, country of origin, release date, etc.

8. Cuevana

The final PoseidonHD alternative sites that features thousands of TV series and episodes is Cuevana. Since it has a large number of videos, you can use its search function to find a specific series you want to watch. Apart from that, there are also cartoon series that are kid-friendly. Apart from that, it has reality shows and documentaries that you can over-watch. The good thing about Cuevana is that you can also watch series produced in other countries like Spain, Mexico, Canada, etc.


The PoseidonHD is a great site to watch various TV series online. However, the list of 8 great alternative websites also has their unique advantages. When you find that the PoseidonHD has some errors or suddenly crashes, you can turn to these PoseidonHD alternatives for streaming TV series.

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