If you’re looking for the best small business printers of 2021 then you’ve come to the right place, because in this guide we’ve listed the printers for small but growing businesses. If you are looking for the best small business printer 2020 has to offer then there are certain things you should look for. To start with, the printer will have to be able to meet the requirements of a small office. This means it must be able to print quickly and from a variety of sources.


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The small business printers on this list can also handle multiple tasks from multiple people throughout the day. Even the smallest businesses will be sending documents from networked PCs all day long – and if they can also offer copy, fax and scan functions, that’s even better.

If you’re not sure what type of small business printer you need, go to the bottom of our guide where we explain how to find and buy the best small business printer that meets your needs.

We have some brilliant multi function printers on this list that are space and money-saving devices for the smallest offices. All-in-one printers that offer photocopying and scanning can not only save your small business money when compared to purchasing the devices separately; having them all in one compact unit also saves space.

Get the best mini printers for your business at a glance

#1. HP Color Laser MFP 179fnw

HP claims this 4-in-1 color laser printer has the smallest footprint in its class, so if space is an issue in your office, this could be the answer. It’s also competitively priced with a relatively low running cost when you switch to the high-capacity toner cartridges. Your printing, scanning, copying and faxing needs are covered with built-in Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Direct, so you can access all this functionality through HP’s excellent companion app on your smartphone. It prints fairly quickly (18ppm) in black and white, but keep in mind that this model can only print on one side of the page.

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Category: color laser printer  
Print Speed: 20ppm 
Paper Size: up to A4 
Paper Capacity: 250.

This three-in-one printer may seem expensive for an inkjet, but as with its other cartridge-free solutions, Epson contains a generous amount of ink. The bottle of black ink in the box is good for 11,000 pages and Epson thinks you will save about 90% compared to cartridges. You can load 250 pages into the main paper tray, scan at high resolution and print sharp two-sided pages with a very fast first page out. The fairly large LCD screen makes it more user-friendly, and its distinctive design received a Red Dot Award. 
2020 09 24%2BBest%2Bsmall%2Bbusiness%2Bprinters%2Bof%2B2020%2BAll%2Bin%2Bone%2Band%2BMFPs%2Bfor%2BSoHo%2Band%2BSMBs

Category: 3-in-1 black and white inkjet printer
Print Speed: 20ppm 
Paper Size: up to A4 
Paper Capacity: 250.

A3 printers that can meet the needs of a small to medium-sized business usually need their own corner of the office, but this miniaturized laser printer doesn’t. And despite its impressively small footprint, its appetite for paper is great. You can load 300 sheets in the main paper tray, 100 more in the multi-purpose tray, and another 535 if you buy an additional tray. It is also possible to add up to four and a paper roll accessory for printing long banners. This Oki is not the fastest laser out there, but it is the smallest A3 printer and one of the most flexible. 


Category: A3 color laser printer
Print Speed: 26ppm 
Paper Size: up to A3
Paper Capacity: 300.

This premium black and white printer is compact enough to fit in a small office, but is also easy to upgrade with additional paper trays as your printing demands grow. You can fit in 500 sheets as is, or up to 2,600 with all the options added. It prints very quickly at 40 ppm and offers convenient duplex and draft modes. The display and circular keypad are not as useful as a touchscreen, but with Kyocera’s lifelong drum and a built-in high-capacity toner cartridge, this is a cost-effective way to print many high-quality pages. 

Category: mono laser printer
Print Speed: 40ppm 
Paper Size: up to A4
Paper Capacity: 500.

The minimal design of this A4 black and white printer looks and feels good, as you would expect given its premium price tag. It lacks a flashy touchscreen or even built-in Wi-Fi, but it can produce very high-quality black and white prints quickly and economically. We have calculated that the cost per page is only 0.4 cents per page. And with a paper tray deep enough to hold an entire ream of paper and a maximum print speed of 55ppm, this high-capacity printer is ideal for servicing a small office with high printing requirements. 

Category: mono laser printer
Print Speed: 55ppm 
Paper Size: up to A4
Paper Capacity: 500.

Finally, the  color for laser printers, demanded a premium in the past, which is not so much the case today. However, these models are still more expensive due to the additional materials required to manufacture toners and printers. There is still a big enough difference that if you don’t need regular color, you should opt for a black and white model, perhaps with a cheaper inkjet, or even go out printing for occasional color requirements.


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