With manga getting more popular than ever, let’s take a look at some of the most popular series and some of our top picks for teens. There are many free comics and manga online, Teen Manga provide you with a lot of content for every young adult. Below is a list of different sites where you can find different ones.

Teen Manga - for teenagers

Top Best Teen Manga’s Recommendation Series for Teens

#1. Death Note

The first on our list of Teen Manga recommendation is Death Note. When Light Yagami discovers a spiritual book called the “Death Note“, he doesn’t know exactly what he found until a shinigami (god of death) named Ryuk explains that when someone’s name is written in the book, they die.

#2.  Naruto

next on our recommended list of Teen Manga is the Naruto. Originally a one-shot comic, this series is now on its 64th release and has a way to go. Naruto is a teenage ninja in training. As a child, he was orphaned when his village was attacked by the mighty fox, Nine-Tails and a number of people, including his parents, were killed. Although he doesn’t know at first, the fox demon is trapped in Naruto and unknowingly continues his training. The series shows his training, exams and missions as he grows up.

#3. Dragonball

This series became Dragonball Z.
Teenagers Goku and Bulma join forces to track down the Seven Dragon Balls, because once they find them all, they can ask the dragon Shenlong for one real wish. During their travels, Goku trains in martial arts and they meet countless people who both help and hinder their mission, but with a wish at stake, they are not the only people to hunt the dragon balls.

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#4. Astro Boy

Astro Boy as One of the original manga series, first published in 1952, follows the creation of the Ministry of Science known as Astro Boy. Created by Doctor Tenma after the death of his son, is also on our Best list Teen Manga recommendaton. Astro Boy was made more human than most robots, but after realizing the mistake he made, the Doctor pushes Astro Boy away.
Eventually he ends up in the hands of a professor who discovers his powers and his ability to feel emotions. From then on, Astro Boy is a crime fighting good guy, fight evil robots and alien invaders.

#5. Akira

Akira is also a part on the Teen Manga recommendation. The series is set in a bleak 2019 (2030 in later publications), after World War III, Tokyo has been rebuilt as Neo-Tokyo and crime is rife. Motorcycle gangs drive through the streets looking for something to entertain themselves, but when they discover that the government is behind the destruction of old Tokyo, they realize it was the result of an experiment gone horribly wrong and that it was all has something to do with a young boy known as Akira.

#6. Blue Exorcist

We recommend Blue Exorcist to you in an undiluted way. Rin Okumura and his twin brother Yukio were raised by renowned exorcist Father Shiro, but during a bitter discussion it becomes clear that the twins’ true father is Satan, which explains Rin’s extraordinary strength. When Rin witnesses the death of Shiro trying to protect him, Rin decides to fight his heritage, vows to defeat Satan, and begins training himself as an exorcist. But can he hide his history and the demon fighting within?

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#7. Fullmetal Alchemist

The last on our top best Teen Manga Fullmetal Alchemist follows two brothers, Edward and Alphonse, in a fictional world where alchemy rules. However, when they try to resurrect their mother a tragic accident occurs and Edward loses his limbs and Alphonse his body. The series follows their adventures as they try to find the philosopher’s stone to restore their health. After a visit from the state military they agree to join up in return for help finding the stone and their adventures begin.

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