A ‘protocol‘ is a rather technical word. But it just means an agreed upon method of doing something.A ‘network protocol‘ is the agreed way of communicating within the network. The network protocol for the Internet is, for example, TCP / IP. As long as computers are connected to the Internet, you can  use TCP / IP and they should be able to exchange data.

Ict Protocol

Another common protocol in Ethernet – this is both a hardware specification and a data exchange protocol. It is very common because it is flexible enough to deal with common data exchange situations, e.g. an Ethernet based control network for handling production machines within a factory.

There are many protocols, usually developed with a specific need in mind.
Here, we are going to Pin point a few of the Ict Protocol

Types of protocols

  • TCP. The transmission control protocol is used for communication over a network.
  • Internet Protocol (IP) IP also works with TCP.
  • FTP. The file transfer protocol is basically used for transferring files to different networks.
  • SMTP.
  • HTTP. (File Transfer Protocol)
  • Ethernet.
  • Telnet.
  • Gopher.

#1. TCP

The #one type of Ict Protocol on our list is the TCP. The transmission control protocol is used for communication over a network. In TCP, data is broken down into small packets and then sent to the destination. However, IP ensures that packets are sent to the correct address.

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#2.Internet Protocol (IP).

Th second type of Ict Protocol is the IP. Internet Protocol also works with TCP. It’s an addressing protocol. IP address packets route them and show different nodes and networks unless it reaches the correct destination. The IP protocol was developed in 1970.

#3.FTP (File Transfer Protocol).

Next is The file transfer protocol is basically used for transferring files to different networks. There may be a ton of files, such as text files, multimedia files, etc. This file transfer method is faster than other methods.

#4. SMTP

Another best type of Ict Protocol is the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol manages the sending and outgoing mail via the Internet.

#5. HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol).

HTTP is also one of the type of Ict Protocol and it is based on the client and server model. HTTP is used to establish a connection between the web client and the web server. HTTP displays information on web pages.

#6. Ethernet

Ethernet as one of the Ict protocol is the most important for LAN communication. Ethernet transmits the data in digital packets. If a computer wants to use this protocol, it must include an Ethernet Network Interface Card (NIC). The card is implemented with a unique address code stored in the microchip.

#7. Telnet

Telnet is established Ict Protocol with a set of rules that are used to connect to another computer. Telnet is mainly used for remote login. The computer requesting a connection that is a local computer and accepting the connection is a remote computer. When you issue a command on a local computer, that command will be executed on the remote computer. Telnet is also based on the client and server model.

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#8. Gopher

Gopher is an application layer Ict protocol used to search for and retrieve documents from remote sites. This is possible to establish an online connection with other computers via gopher.

#9. Transmission control procedure

As important as this Ict Protocol is, there must be one accepted standard with which all types of machines can communicate.
There are several protocols in use today. These are: 

  • Synchronous protocol This protocol includes timing information from the sender along with the data bytes. This protocol helps the recipient to stay in sync with the sender. If the sender has no data to send, the sender will send a sequence of 0s and 1s alternating to maintain the sync of the sender / receiver. This sequence of zeros and ones is called idle flags. Data bytes are packed in little chunks called packages, including address fields and checksums. Since error checking is an inherent feature of this protocol, it addresses the major shortcoming of the asynchronous protocol. 
  • Asynchronous Data Link Control (DLC) Protocols Asynchronous protocols are mainly used for slow data communication between PCs and very small computers. Framing takes place at the byte level, with each byte surrounded by a start bit (a 0 bit) and a stop bit (a 1 bit). Each character often also has a parity bit.

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